Red Wing 1251

Greetings, Thanks for the help with the ID on the plain white Tex Tweed Anniversary Platter a few weeks ago. I just dug out another piece of Red Wing that I also need help with. I could not find an example of it anywhere but I did find a site that claims that this shape was attributed to Belle Kogan. It is a leaf shaped bowl or dish – Approx. 13-1/2” long X 6-1/2” wide. It has a pinkish salmon interior and a pale blue / grey underside. Marked on the bottom – RED WING, USA 1251. I was wondering if there was a name, date and perhaps an estimate of value for this piece. It is clean with no chips, cracks or repairs but the inside has some overall crazing and there is a 2-1/2” long X 1-1/2” long part on the inside that goes up the side that looks like a stain, but it appears more like it is inside the finish and not a stain that will wash off. Many thanks. Mercedes

Answer: Hi Mercedes, It could be a Kogan piece, hard to say. It’s from around 1946, and I know Murphy left in 1947 for a few years, the glaze appears to be luster pink. Value is around 20.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose