Red Wing Vase 1359, Stacked Tea Cups

I have #1359, coffee cup handled vase, in 8 color combinations: brown exterior/gold interior, raspberry/turquoise, yellow/gray, green/yellow, coral/jade, blue/yellow, gray/pink, turquoise/white. I would like to know how many color combinations it came in. Also any history, designer, value would be appreciated. I bought 2 in San Diego, where I live, the others in Red Wing on vacation about 12 years ago. Can you email answer to me or notify me if posted on site? Thank you!

Answer: Hi, it was designed in 1949, we call it the stacked teacup vase. It was made for several years, at least thru 1953. I’m not sure how many glaze colors it came in, but I would guess there are a few you don’t have. thanks, steve n rose