Red WIng Bowl, M 4009

I have a pottery bowl and am having difficulty identifying the maker. After careful inspection, it looks like it has an imprint on it that says "RED WING USA". The inside of the bowl is a minty green with brown/black flecks all over. The patter on the rim of the bowl consists of a darker green. The outside of the bowl looks like a leaf print with three different green tones. There’s a few tiny chips on the bottow of the bowl but is otherwise in great condition. I was curious if this indeed is a Red Wing and what the value of it is. (I inherited this from my grandmother who lived in central, northern Iowa, which of course, would be close to the Red Wing, Minnesota area). I’d be happy to submit more pictures for inspection if this would be helpful. Thank you verey much for your time! Tina Ubben

Answer: Hi Tina, this bowl is shape M4009, part of the Sgraffito line circa 1956. Value is around 55.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose