Hamm’s Bear Bank

The attached photo is of a Hamm’s Bear bank, which was given to me by Richard Gillmer, back in 1967 and I have had it ever since. I’m looking for more information on it, like how many were made, what is it worth, and also how I can contact Carol Betcher who was recently featured in a Hamm’s newsletter. My mother is Joy Nygaard, who was Richard’s secretary for many years. I also worked at the pottery in the mid 60’s and the salesroom later on. Thx, Cary

Answer: Hi Cary, quite the family history!! They sell for around 500 or so, althought this one may be a second, or an oddball. the red glaze isn’t finished across the Hamm’s. I don’t know of any production numbers on these, other than they are quite collectible. I would contact the society, they have more contact information that I do. thanks, steve n rose