Magnolia Vase 1010

Magnolia Vase 1616: Thank you for your information. Can you tell me when it was made? Can you tell me anything more about the Magnolia line? Does the 1616 refer to how many were made? Note: I previously submitted this question & received this answer: Question: Please see the attached picture of a Red Wing. It is 8.5" tall, and on the bottom it is stamped "Red Wing USA 1616". It does have a 3" hair line crack on the back. Can you tell me an approximate value? Answer: HI, this is part of the Magnolia line. the hairline wil hurt it’s value quite a bit. maybe around 30.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose

Answer: This is actually shape 1010, sometimes the numbers are hard to read. It is from circa 1942. It is a shape number, nothing to do with how many were produced. It is a line designed by Belle Kogan. There are several other shapes with the same type Magnolia flower on them. Most have the brown or black antiqued glaze, but some are "handpainted" in different glaze combinations. It was a popular line. Hope this helps a little more, thanks, steve n rose