Red Wing Vase 674

I have a 10" (approx.)vase that I cannot find in any of the collector’s books I’ve looked in. It is marked: Red Wing, USA, 674. It has a tan and green glaze (not as dark and rich as Frankoma, but somewhat similar colors). It may be the "Nokomis" finish. The mold # may have been used in 1937 for RumRill. It looks like it could have been used in the Chromoline Handpainted series. It also is shaped similar to the 1955 SGraffito – M4005 10 1/8" vase. I can send you a picture if you give me an address to send it to. (Sorry, I do not know how to upload…, but I can send as an email.) Thanks for any info you can give me on it: age, value, etc.

Answer: Think you have a vase from the 1961 Stereoline, they were some funky glazes. It is probably Bronze/Green in glaze color. Value is around 40.00 or so. Hope this helps you. thanks, steve n rose