Pitcher #207

Artware – pitcher #207 About 5 1/2 inch tall Light turquouse glaze with fine brownish black speckles. Sandy colored interior with brownish specked/dripping overglaze. Bottom marking imprinted in the clay (under the glaze): "RED WING" "USA" "207" Seems to be an early form but I have only seen the glaze in later pieces. I got it at a yard sale in Kinnelon, New Jersey in 1989 for a dollar. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or scratches. I wouldn’t sell it – I like it too much. I keep rose petals in it. I would appreciate any information you could give me about it. I am curious to know if it is old or new, rare or common, etc. Thanks, Donna



Answer: Donna, the 207 was an early shape, but was redone. Mid fifties or so, with the glaze being Fleck Nile Blue. Not terribly uncommon. Value is around $35.00 or so. hope this helps, thanks, steve n rose