Spiked Turquoise Vase

Turquoise vase with tiny charcoal specks. 4ins. at base, 12 finger’s (spikes) around, measuring from 5 ins. to 9 ins. tall. Opening is 4 1/2 ins. across. Not any cracks or dings. It was my grandmother’s, but was my great-great aunt’s before that. She lived in Mc Cook,Neb, and owned & operated the Melkus Motel. ( Pearl & Ed Melkus) Would enjoy knowing more about it. The bottom has Red wing USA M. 1480 on it. Thank’s to anyone who would take the time to respond. Carol Ann

Hi Carol, Your "spiked" vase is from 1955, a very good year! Charles Murphy designed a set of 5 bowls with the "spikes" The M is for Murphy. The glaze is fleck nile blue, used for many years. It’s value is around $40.00, but they are hard to find without a broken "spike" thanks, steve n rose