Wall pocket – Magnolia 1943

I have a Red Wing piece, marking on back is 1231 Red Wing, USA. It is a wall vase (sconce-like), to be hung, triangular in shape. Length from top to bottom approx. 8 inches. Top opening width approx. 8 inches. A flower is carved on front. It has a small imperfection, crack-like near the bottom. Would you be able to tell me how old this is and an approx. value. Thank you. Rosalie

Hi Rosalie, You have a wall pocket from the Magnolia group, 1943. One of the larger wall pockets Red Wing made. The glaze is most likely antiqued ivory, and was designed by Belle Kogan. I would value it at around $100.00, even with the flaw. they are fairly hard to find. thanks, steve n rose