M-3013 Vase

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I have a red wing M-3013 green with the very top of the narrow opening glazed a country blue inside and after the top being blue, you can see further down inside that it is white glazed or clear with the clay itself being white. The vase is approximately 15 inches tall, purchased about 35 years ago in Old Town Chicago on Wells street from an antique store that also sold odds and ends. I thought it was unusual and not at all attractive but bought it because of how different and juvenile the design was. Sorry the picture is not clearer. Can you give me an approximate value on it? Thanks Denise

Denise, The vase is from Charles Murphy’s Decorator Line circa 1959. Silver green would be the glaze. Murphy is known for his creative interpretations of figurals. It should be worth around $300.00 or so. Hope this helps, thanks, Steve n Rose