Pottery 159

I have an 8 inch vase, black glaze, starts out bulbous at the bottom and constricts to a narrowish neck that flares out a little at the top. It was my mother’s and a favorite vase since I was a child. The marking on the bottom is bluish circle stamp that says Red Wing Pottery with I think a number 159 in the center. I suspect it might have been a second as there seems to be a black .75 written on that bottom area. Can you tell me anything about the age? I am thinking it must be about 70-75 years old. Thank you for your information. Thanks Barbara H.

By your discription we think you have a 183 8" vase. You are correct in your date estimation. The vase was made in the early 1930’s. The glaze is probably dark blue or blue black. Hold it in the sunlight and you may see the blue. The value is about $90 – $100. The .75 is probably what the vase originally cost. A lot of people from that generation would mark the items with the price they paid. Thanks Steve n Rose