I have a small RW vase that I would like to have identified and an an opinion as to its value. The vase is 6 1/2" high with a 3" base and 2 3/4" mouth that tappers to about an 1 1/2" where it attaches to the base area. It is a deep green color with four window like areas that are shades of yellow and have a raised design in it that look like tree trucks with limbs or post like. These window areas are located on the upper 1/2 of the vase. It has a handle on each side starting at the top of the vase and running down the side just a little over 2" long that divides the four window areas into two on each side These windowed areas are mostly yellow with some shading of green. The remainder of the vase is a deep green in color. The markings on the bottom are Red Wing Pottery written to form a circle with Red Wing on the top and Pottery on the bottom half of the circle. In the middle of that area created by RWP is the word Art. There is also a number raised just above these words 163. Your help will be much appreciated. Thankyou, John

Hi John, You have an early Red Wing vase, circa 1931. The shape 163 came in 3 sizes, with yours being the smallest. In excellent condition it may bring around 80.00 or so. Thanks, steve & rose