Red Wing B2500

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Hello! I recently acquired this piece of art pottery (see attached picture) which is marked Red Wing USA B2500. I believe it to be "The Nymphs" vase from Belle Kogan’s 1951 DeLuxe line. Is this correct? Can you help me identify the official color of the glaze? It is a light bluish-gray color. From picutures I have seen in books, it seems most similar to the "Luster Gray" color, but the color chart I found in the Reiss book for the DeLuxe line did not list this color as an option. Also, I saw a 1997 estimated value of $40-100. Is that still the current valuation of this piece? Thank you in advance for sharing your time and knowledge so freely with newbie collectors like myself.

Hello, You are well studied for being a "newbie". The B2500 is from Belle Kogan’s Deluxe line, 1951. The "nymphs" are a nice item, worth 90-125 or so. Your pic didn’t come thru too well, but it sounds like Luster Gray. If there are dark flecks in the glaze it would be Luster Blue. I also see a Platium Gray listed, which was usually used with Canary yellow. Some pieces have also been found in Celadon. There were carry overs between the years, and some of the more popular shapes were we made many years also. If a certain color was popular, it was used on more items.
Thanks, Steve n Rose