REDWING 155 Blue Vase

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I just purchased a gorgeous piece of Red Wing Art Pottery at an auction. I know nothing about this type of pottery, I just fell liked the piece. It is just over 15" high, and the most intese cobalt blue color. It is marked 155, and stamped Red Wing Art Pottery. Could you tell me more of it’s history/value? Also, what would be the best way to sell it, if I decide to. Thanks alot, Sincerely, Maria

Hi Maria,

You have a nice early vase. It dates from around 1926-1929. The glaze is officially called "dark blue", but most people call it cobalt. There were 3 sizes of this shape, with yours being the largest. Prices have been down a little, but it should still be popular with it’s size. Many Redwinger’s just collect the early ink stamped art pottery. It should bring around $250.00 or so. Ebay is probably your best bet to sell, unless you can attend a Redwing convention.

Thanks, Steven & Rose