Red Wing Lunch hour piece

Hi guys I have this really neat Red Wing ashtray marked RED WING USA on the bottom. I believe ths to possibly be a noon hour piece or some form of experimental? The ashtray measures 6 5/8" across. As you can see in the photos it almost loks as if the mold was taken home a kid did the art work and then dad or mom took it back and glazed it over. The glaze seems to be a bit poor and not professionally done. Also inside the ship is the number 109 and it has on the front BROCK 6 1/2 years. Any ideas please let me know.

Answer: It is a Red Wing shape, although the number escapes me at the moment, from the mid-sixties. Think you are correct, it is child art. maybe for PT 109, JFK’S boat, I can’t say for sure. Usually the "noon hour" pieces have a glaze just like factory items. you might try some acetone to see if it indeed fired on. it is an unusual item, none the less. some collectors specialize in these pieces, if it is glazed, I would guess the value at around 300.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose