2010 Mailed Commemorative status update

2010 RWCS Commemorative

Mailing Update

The 34th Annual Convention Commemorative was a stoneware pig.
The commemoratives have traditionally been mailed before August 1st; however, with the high humidity in the Midwest this year Commemorative(s) production has been delayed. The high humidity causes the molds to dry slower before they can be used again to cast another piece.
Commemoratives have been in continuous production since February. The ratio of A,B,C’s has been consistent throughout the commemorative process. We are not making and additional pieces than what was ordered (3500) so the ratio will remain the same. I. E. mailed commemorative orders have same chance as an attendee to get any of the three versions.
We apologize for this unforeseen delay and expect commemoratives to begin shipping on August 9th. We expect that all commemoratives will be received by the end of August.
Thank you in advance for your patience and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.