Monmouth Pottery Pig Released by Western Stoneware

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Western Stoneware recreated the Monmouth Pottery Pig!
In 1906 Monmouth Pottery was one of the companies that merged into Western Stoneware. One of the items Monmouth Pottery is remembered for is the Monmouth Pig. Western Stoneware has recreated this 100 year old piece with the Western Stoneware name in partnership with the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce.
The project began with the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce acquiring the assistance of a local artist, William DeSelms, of Pheasantry Studio, from the village of Roseville IL. Bill carved in clay a replica of the Monmouth Pottery pig with Western Stoneware name and the maple leaf on the side. With the hardened clay replica he constructed a silicone rubber mold in which he made a casting. The casting is a two part resin compound mixed with tiny glass particles.
The resin casting and the silicone rubber mold was taken to Western Stoneware. Using the resin casting and the silicone rubber mold they commissioned the construction of the stoneware mold. The stoneware mold ended up being a complicated eight piece mold.
The Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to bring back history with the WSCo stoneware pig. Orders are being taken for the first production piece that will be a bristol with cobalt blue sponge pig made exclusively for the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. The pig will be approximately 3 ¼ inches tall and 6 ¾ inches long and will be embossed with the year 2009. Orders are being accepted until February 1st, 2009 and the WS pigs will be available in February 2009. They are $75 each and shipping is $10 for one, $15 for 2 and $20 for 3-6. If you would like to order one as a Christmas gift, a card can be returned to give the recipient alerting them that the Western Stoneware pig has been ordered for them and will be available in February. Contact the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce with any questions or to place your order 309-734-3181 or .