RWCS Newsletter envelope error: Expiration date misprint

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RWCS Newsletter envelope error: Expiration date misprint

Good afternoon Chapter Presidents!

If you look closely at your newsletter envelope when it arrives, it appears there’s been a significant error by the printer. Apparently they printed a wrong field from their database and instead of printing the recipient’s membership expiration date, they printed 6/13/06 on every envelope.

Lori and I will be setting up a temporary message on the RWCS business line where the automated answering service immediately picks up the call and informs the caller that: we’re aware of the misprint, this happened on every newsletter that was sent out and we have the correct record of their expiration date in our database and there’s no need to be alarmed. If they feel the absolute need to confirm the status of their membership, they can leave a message and we will return their call.

If you could please pass this information along to your Chapter members that would be great.

Best regards,

Stacy Wegner
Business & Convention Manager