2005 RWCS Commemorative

The 2005 Red Wing Collectors Society Commemorative is a
replica of a Red Wing Perfection Syrup Jar produced in the 1920’s and
1930’s.  These jars came in three distinctive models: Self
Draining Jar with straight sides and concave bottom; Self draining jar
in the shape of a water cooler in 5 and 10 gallon sizes only; and the
most common type being a standard jar with a flat bottom with a 1 ¼
inch opening in the front.

These self draining jars
can be commonly found with wings, logos, advertising and stamped
markings that included the phrases; "Perfection Sanitary Self Draining
Jar", “Red Wing Self Draining Jar", and "Perfection Self Draining
Jar”.  Most jars included the size of the jar stamped on the
outside. An example with birch leaves has also been found.

bottom jars could be ordered with special size openings to allow
connections for pipe, hose and faucet.  All the jars were
advertised as being of extra strength, vitrified stoneware body, with a
heavy acid-proof, nom-absorbent glaze.  The self draining jars
were used for practically any mixture or preparation and would not foul
or taint the product.  The jars were used in home, farm,
industrial and business applications. Jars have been found that were
used in cheese plants, service stations, bakeries and maple syrup
operations. Jars as large as 100 gallons were reported to have been
used in ammunition productions.

According to the
February 15, 1928 revised Price List; jars were available in the three
types in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,40, 50 and 60 gallon sizes.  A
standard bottom syrup jar was listed as having two 1 ¼ inch openings.
They could be ordered with fixtures to allow introduction of a water
line connected to float through the top opening to continuously feed
water to the jar.  Standard lids fit all the jars except the 5 and
10 gallon sizes which used a water cooler lid.

2005 Commemorative is a model of the self draining jar which came with
bailed handles, in the shape of a water cooler with an opening in the
bottom.  These jars generally included bailed handles and
decorated with a wing, logo, blue bands and the size indicated on the
outside.  The 2005 Special Commemorative is a larger version of
the regular Commemorative. Both Commemoratives were produced by Western
Stoneware in Monmouth, Illinois.

(Reprinted from the insert placed in each Commemorative)