MidWinter Education


MidWinter 2018 Education Program

Keynote Session Saturday, February 24, 2018
Red Wing in Iowa
Joe Grout
Joe Grout will be presenting on the History of Red Wing in Iowa, topics to include Fort Dodge to Plymouth Stoneware.  Insights to the economic reasons of why Red Wing produced in Iowa will be discussed. 

A long time collector of 20 years, Joe describes himself as an average guy who is passionate about Red Wing.  As a child, he grew up with Iowa. Joe is self-taught and enjoys sharing his knowledge with everyone as well as various types of stoneware.


General Sessions – Saturday, February 24, 2018


Session 1 9:30 am – 10:20 am
Session 2 10:30 am – 11:20 am

**** All sessions will run both session times.If you are interested in speaking at MidWinter please contact Yoshi Hoffman, education manager at education@redwingcollector.org.

Advertising Beater Jars
Jeff Birchman

In this session we look at the use of advertising beater jars as a merchant premium and how many different merchants offered them.  We will cover the different styles of Red Wing beater jars, how to tell the difference and what years they were manufactured.  I will also touch on a resource that’s available with the history of many advertising pieces and how I organize my different collections on an I-pad for easy reference when out and about.

Jeff Birchman has been a Red Wing collector for 35-40 years, mostly advertising pieces like beater jars, bowls, casseroles, pantry jars, bean pots, etc.  Jeff is working on collecting all known Wisconsin advertising beater jars, a tall obstacle and so far is two-thirds of the way there. He has worked for the battery company Rayovac for 44 years in a variety of capacities and his current role is the HR Manager at the plant in Fennimore, WI.

Collector Round Table
Debra & David Giesen

An interactive discussion about Red Wing collecting.  They are asking for a digital photo of participant’s favorite RW piece to get participants to talk about the piece and ask questions such as how long they’ve collected, what got them started, future collecting plans, and “how they collect” i.e. do they attend auctions, online, networking, etc. You can send your submissions for the sesion to onmy3rd50@gmail.com.

David and Debra Giesen grew up on SW WI farms.  David joined the Air Force in 1984 and “retired” in 2008.  Debra worked at Lands’ End for over 20 years.  Both now work for Photonic Cleaning Technologies in Platteville, WI.  Debra’s Red Wing interest started when she and her mother dug jugs from family farm ditch, and when she inherited stoneware from family.  Her interest in stoneware and art pottery has grown recently and trips to antique stores piqued David’s interest.  Now both are passionate collectors and enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” and the wonderful people met along the way.

A History of Marion County, Iowa Stoneware Potteries
Mark C. Wiseman

A History of the Marion County, Iowa Stoneware Potteries: Coal Port, Whitebreast, Attica, and Knoxville. A review of chronicled information from the 1970 Thesis of John Reynolds, “Coalport and its Relationship to the Early Historic Pottery Industry In the Des Moines River Valley”, from “Ghost Pots of Marion County” by Linda Stoltz and Norma Brooks, The Annals of Iowa 38 (1966), Des Moines Register Articles from November of 1965, and new Recent Research. The presentation will present photographs of known Marion County Potteries stoneware pieces and recently dug stoneware shards and pieces from Marion County Privies.

Mark Wiseman, Geologist, author  of Iowa Stoneware histories for Moingona, Eldora, Des Moines, Boonesboro,  Hartford, Palymyra, and Carlisle. Newsletter editor for the Iowa Antique Bottleers, avid digger and Historical researcher.

Less Common Gypsy Trail
Larry Roschen & Terry Moe

Gypsy Trail is the dinnerware line with the most items not shown in the popular sources.  Since many of the items are not marked, it is difficult for collectors to identify them.   Larry and Terry will show photos and discuss all of the less common items.  This seminar is designed to precede a series of RWCS Newsletter articles.

Terry Moe and his wife Marilyn have been collecting Red Wing pottery since they inherited a partial set of Gypsy Trail Plain and Reed in 1975 from Terry’s Grandmother.  They primarily collect dinnerware. Gypsy Trail, Wreath, Ivanhoe, Nassau, Ardennes, Hotel or Restaurant, and Normandy along with Merrileaf have been their main focus.  Primary source materials allowing them to document dinnerware have become a major interest.

Larry Roschen and his wife Kathy have collected all forms of Red Wing pottery since 1980. Red Wing pitchers, teapots, salt & pepper shakers are primary collecting interests along with building complete sets of several dinnerware patterns.  Larry’s interests eventually turned from growing the collection to learning more about the Red Wing dinnerware lines through research of vintage documents.   Larry currently serves as the dinnerware advisor for the “Ask the Experts” section of the RWCS website.

Larry and Terry have conducted numerous dinnerware seminars for RWCS Midwinter and Summer Conventions.

North Star Pottery
Danae R Quirk Dorr

In 1892, North Star Stoneware Company became the third stoneware factory in Red Wing.  Yet, by the end of 1896, North Star’s production ceased. Over the years, significant efforts have been made by others in order uncover key information about this short-lived company.  In this session, we will discuss aspects of this company’s history as well as various products that have been attributed to their potters.

Intrigued and fascinated by the science and history of the Red Wing Potteries, Danaè R. Quirk Dorr has been enthusiastic about collecting North Star stoneware for the past decade.  When she’s not reading about stoneware or searching for a hard-to-find piece, Danaè works as chemistry professor and author.

About Education
Education is a focal point of the RWCS events. Each year the Education Manager puts together an education schedule for both Convention and MidWinter filled with great learning opportunities for members. Education sessions are held on the Saturday of MidWinter – keynote speaker followed by two session times. Each presenter will speak for both sessions given members the opportunity to attend scheduled presentations.
Education Sessions are a great way to: hear about the new research being done about Red Wing, learn tips and ideas from fellow members.
Video Lending Library
Each year the Education Manager selects session to be record and added to our library and available Free to RWCS Members. To see a complete list of sessions available on DVD and VHS please contact the RWCS Business Office or log into the members only section of the website to the Resource Page.
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