Members Only Auction

2016 Auction

Submission Deadline: MAY 15, 2016
2016 Auction Submission Form
- available February 2016
Forms at this time will not be accepted via email.

Please use one form for each piece. Do Not submit more than one on the same form.
Photos: Cosigners are encouraged to provide photos of their items during the submission process. Please send those photos in a high-resolution digital jpg or png file via media disk with your form, or email to Please include you name and membership number on the disk or in the email.

Wednesday, July 6 – Red Wing High School
Noon to 3:00 p.m.

Thursday, July 7 – Red Wing High School
8:00 am to 11:00 a.m.
Members are encouraged to bring their submission item(s) early to ensure enough time to check in and grade your piece.

Auction viewing
Thursday, July 7 – Red Wing High School
12:15 to 4:15 p.m.

Auction Time
Thursday, July 7
4:30 p.m.

Members attending the auction are included in a drawing at the end of the Auction for the 2016 Special Commemorative!
Concessions by Winger Volleyball
4:00pm – 8:00 pm


Volunteers are Needed!

Auction Volunteer Page – The auction success needs volunteers all week from graders at check into catalog sales lots of great opportunities to support the auction.Visit the page to learn more!


Auction Manager
Scott Hardman
Auction Manager

2016 Auction Commission Information

The RWCS Auction has a flat commission of 12% on items that sell for $100 or more. Items that sell for less than $100 will be charged a flat $20 commission.

Reserve Items: The reserve option is for high-end items. The minimum reserve price is $2,000. Items that don’t hit the reserve will be charged a $150 fee. The Auction Manager reserves the right to not accept the reserve if a specific item has a value far less than $2,000. In this case, the member submitting the piece will be notified.


About the Auction:

The Annual Convention Members Only Auction is on Thursday evening of the July Convention at the Red Wing High School Gym. You must be a RWCS member and registered attendee in order to attend the Auction.


Who can submit to the RWCS Convention Auction? Any member in good standing can submit to the auction. Member’s must use the auction submission form and are encouraged to provide a photo.

When is the auction submission and guidelines available? The Auction Manager publishes the auction form and guidelines annually in the February issue of the RWCS Newsletter and will be available for download online at that time.

What is the “Second Submission” Process? The Second Piece Submission is an opportunity for members to submit a second piece to the auction. Members use the same form as published for the first piece; but indicate it is a “Second” in the proper check box on the form. These submissions are included in the event that the auction lottery has space remaining for additional lots. The Auction Manager will randomly select from the submission forms marked “SECOND” until the auction is filled.

Please use one form for each piece. Do Not submit more than one on the same form.

How are the lot numbers assigned for the auction? The lot numbers are randomly assigned by the Auction Manager.

When will submitter be notified of their lot number? The auction submission deadline is May 15. The Auction Manager will send a post card by mail with the lot number(s) for the submission(s) and a brief description. Post cards are usually mailed by mid-June.


Once a submission is accepted, what is the process to get it to the Auction and the Auction Manager? Submissions are accepted during the two official check in times as indicated on the auction form. No submissions will be accepted outside those times. Items may not be shipped to the Auction Manager or the RWCS Office.

The submitting member or another RWCS member selected by the member may bring the accepted submission items during the official check in time. The member or their designee must be a current RWCS member and registered for the Convention

Is there anything else that should be brought with the submission? Yes, a submitter should also bring a self-addressed stamped envelope. This envelope will be used to mail the paid to owners check following the auction.

Who can attend the auction? Any RWCS member in good standing registered for the Convention may attend and bid at the auction.

How can I obtain a copy of the sale catalog? Catalogs are for sale during the days before the Convention from the Auction Manager, the Pottery Museum of Red Wing, and at Larry’s Jugs. They are also at Red Wing High School Wednesday and Thursday in the Gym during check in, viewing, and the auction. A limited number will also be available Thursday at registration.

How can I obtain a copy of the prices realized following the auction? Members attending the auction may prepay for a prices realized list at the Auction. Printed prices realized will be for sale Saturday morning at Red Wing High School at the Show and Sale and at registration. If Members are unable to purchase during these times, they send payment to the Auction Manager or RWCS business office following the convention. Postage cost will apply for all mailed prices realized lists.

Below are the links to the previous years prices realized list in PDF format. The current year auction prices realized list will be posted at the end of this year.

What opportunities are there for Members to volunteer for the Auction? There are many volunteer auction positions. Some examples include: checking in each lot, grading and inspecting, set up and tear down, viewing time watcher, catalog and prices realized sales, data entry, and much more. Contact the Auction Manager to get involved at


When will checks for consignors be mailed? The Auction Manager will make every effort to get the check to consignors before the end of July.

Who should a consignors contact if they don’t receive a check? A consignor should contact the RWCS business office with any discrepancy or check questions.

If I did not attend the auction but I would like to receive a copy of the prices realized, how can I do that? The Auction Manager will provide that information in the August RWCS Newsletter. In general, however, you can contact the Auction Manager or Business Office to find out the cost of a mailed prices realized list following the convention.

For more information or other questions regarding the Convention Auction please contact the Auction Manager or the RWCS Business Office.