To-Kalon Vineyard advertising jug


Dear Red Wing Collectors Society,

I am researching the history of my family’s vineyard in Oakville, Napa Valley, California. The winery located on the property, called To-Kalon, produced stoneware jugs pre-prohibition with the label To-Kalon Vineyard for their wine depot in Chicago. A member of your society (Trent Schaffler) alerted me to the Stoneware Companies ledger which is housed in your collections. It would be a valuable addition to my research to now more about the jugs, perhaps what is listed about the order in the ledger or any other information that may exist. Thank you very much for your time.


Answer: Graeme, I am not very familiar with the To-Kalon Vineyard jug as I do not collect advertising from Chicago.  I do have a ledger which I purchased for my own interest.  Do to the size of the ledger and no index, one must page through the entire ledger to locate a piece in order to find out how many were produced.  There may be more that one entry so you must scan the entire ledger in order to have a sound idea of the production numbers.  This one task for a single piece could take two to three hours or even more to fully research this jug.  With this being said, I nor no one that I know of in the Red Wing Society completes this type of research for Ask the Experts.  However, there is some hope.  I believe Larry’s Jugs or the Red Wing Foundation may still have these ledgers for sale.  This may be your best avenue for you to research your family’s Vineyard production numbers, however, I have never seen history information on a piece in this ledger,. just production numbers and the dates they were ordered.

This advertising is not a common one and therefore can demand quite a high value.  If your Red Wing To-Kalon Vineyard jug is in perfect condition, the value would be in the $1000 range.  Just a great piece of Red Wing Advertising!   Al Kohlman

20 gallon salt glazed crock with unique leaf decoration



Hoping you can help me identify this 20 Gal Salt Glazed crock as a Red Wing piece.

I found nothing close to this decoration and don’t know what to call it.

Thank you.


Answer: Bill, your 20 gallon salt glazed crock with the unique decoration is indeed Red Wing. Never seeing a decoration such as this on a large Red Wing salt glazed crock, it becomes somewhat difficult to place a value on it. Those leafs (as I call them), look almost identical to the leaves on the Red Wing salt glaze daisy crocks.  It still baffles me that these unique pieces are still be found today.  So with all this being said, my best judgment on a value is between $6000 & $6500 if in great condition.  It is just a great piece and you should have a grin on your face that even I could not slap off!  Congratulations on this home run!  Al Kohlman

8 gallon North Star salt glazed crock


Is this Red Wing?



Jeremy, your 8 gallon salt glazed crock was produced by the North Star Stoneware Company in Red Wing, Minnesota.  In perfect condition the value would be in the area of $700 to $800.   Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing hand-turned water cooler & blue & white cattail pitcher


I inherited a couple Red Wing Pottery pieces and would like to get information on them.

The water cooler came out of a family farm estate in Wisconsin and was in my parents’ house for the last fifty years.  In the front oval it say Red Wing Union Stoneware.  There are no cracks in it but there are two tiny chips on the top as can be seen in one of the photos.  One of the chips looks like it is a flaw that occurred in the firing process, but I am not sure.  It has the number 3 on the bottom, inside the cooler.

The pitcher has two cracks as seen in the photos.  There are also three small chips on the inside rim.

Any information and estimated values would be appreciated.




Michael, your 3 gallon Red Wing water cooler is the early hand turned cooler which was produced just after 1917 to the early 1920’s.  The small flakes on the rim are quite minor and the bubble burst on the rim is quite small as well.  These minor imperfections have little impact on its value. As I see it with no lid or spigot, the value on your cooler is right around $300.  Now the blue & white cattail pitcher has quite a bit of damage.  It was produced in the late 20″s and would have a value in the area of $15 to $20.  Al Kohlman

Brennenberger Wine jug


I am asking on value as the jug has some damage… Two chips on side/underside of handle and a crack across the handle. I showed one crack (the other would not photo). The jug displays very well.




Chuck, with the crack in the handle & chips, the value on your Brennenberger Wine jug is between $400 & $500. Al Kohlman

4 gallon back stamped Lazy 8 churn


What can you tell me about the value of this churn. it is back stamped Red Wing Stoneware Company.


Denise, your 4 gallon back stamped Lazy 8 churn would have a value between $1000 & $1500.  Haven’t seen many of these lazy 8 churns that are stamped.   Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company 30 gallon crock with no oval


Hi my husband just bought this 30 gal red wing crock with 4 leaf pattern,handles on the side no Cracks. Wondering what something like this goes for?  Thanks Sheila


Your husbands Minnesota Stoneware Company 30 gallon crock with no damage and without an oval would have a value between $275 & $300.  Pretty piece. Al Kohlman

5 gallon Elephant Ear crock with the Albany slip interior, 4 gallon RedWing beehives


I picked up these 2 jugs at an auction recently. They each have a 1/8″ flake on their rims, otherwise perfect…and they are identical. The two crocks, each with a couple of handle chips, were bought at two auctions a week apart in the same town. Could you please let me know the current value of each?

Thanks, Mike


Mike, the 5 gallon Elephant Ear crock with the Albany slip interior would have a value between $175 & $200 if in perfect condition.  The 5 gallon salt glazed leaf $200 to $250 in perfect condition as well.  Al Kohlman

Previous question for the 4 gallon Red Wing Jugs

20 gallon Red Wing Elephant Ear crock


I have a crock made in redwing minn. it’s been in the family for over 75 years and I would like to know it’s value. One of the handles has a chip but otherwise it seems to be good.

Thanks Bill


Bill, your 20 gallon Red Wing Elephant Ear crock with the chipped handle would have a value in the area of $350 to $425.  Pretty piece.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon salt glaze with upturn leaf


I came across an unusual crock today at a consignment antique store. It is a 6 gallon crock with a hand painted leaf logo. The price tag says it’s a red wing crock.

To me the leaf design resembles an elephant ear, yet not done very well and upturned.

I didn’t get to inspect the overall condition very well. It was being used, along with another 6gal crock, to hold up a shelf. I did see one area on the upper rim where a chip had been reattached. Other than that no visible cracks from the front and sides. The back, bottom and inside were not visible.

My questions are:

Is it a red wing crock?

If so, is it worth the $145 if in decent condition? Sean


Sean, from what I can see of the crock, it looks like it could very well be Red Wing. With the re-attached chip, the light decoration and some staining, I think $145 is a fair price.  Al Kohlman

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