20 gallon Red Wing crock


First and foremost, thank you for this service. I have reviewed your site extensively and can not find the info on the particular Red Wing crock I have. I checked the ovals.pdf and mine is not listed. My crock has no cracks and includes the lid. It has what I believe to be the 4.5 inch Red Wing is 21″ tall and a diameter of 17″. In addition it has wire and wood handles on the crock and lid . However the Oval says ” Red Wing Potteries Inc.” I am attaching that picture as I could not find it on your site.

Thank you very much.

Answer: Terry’s 20 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1936 & 1947.  The potteries oval was the latest oval used by the Red Wing Stoneware Company.  Do to the large side of the 20 gallon crock, Red Wing used the 4 1/2″ wing on most of these larger crocks from this era.  Value on the 20 gallon crock is around $200.  If the lid is perfect, it’s vale is around $200 as well. al

6 gallon Red Wing crock with the logo (6 in. wing)

Question: I have a 6 gallon Red Wing crock with the logo (6 in. wing), the number 6, and the oval on both sides. The only damage is a quarter inch shallow chip inside the rim. I have been unable to find out anything about a crock with a double logo. Can you help with rarity and value?

Answer: Carol, your crock was used as advertising in a stores window. This the same decoration on both sides, customers could see what the crock looked like from the street or inside the stores. Not many of these were made, but I have seen them around and for sale. Value on your 6 gallon Red Wing double stamped crock is between $600 & $700. Al Kohlman

30 gallon Red Wing Stoneware Salt Glaze Butterfly Crock with stenciling


We have had this crock in our home for a number of years. We were wondering what this piece might be worth? Dave


Dave, this is a tough one.  I have only seen one of these to date and never heard or seen one sell. Also, with the ecomony being so tight, there are only a few collector who may or may not have the kind of money it would take to pruchase this one.  My best thought on value would be $12,000 to $15,000 give or take a couple of thousand.  Extremely nice piece of early Red Wing.  Wish it were in my living room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  al

2 gallon Red Wing crock and marked lid


We just purchased this crock. There are no cracks or hairlines on this either i do believe this is the original lid. There are two marks on the lid i believe are manufacturing flaws and there is also a mark i believe just under the two on the crock itself. We are wondering what the value is and if the value is any higher with the lid and crock together. Also if the value goes down due to the marks. I think I’ve attached the pictures that show the marks if not i can send them to you. Amber and Kenny


The value for the two pieces should be seperate.  The 2 gallon Red Wing crock lid & yes this is the correct lid is $100.  The 2 gallon Red Wing crock is around $75.  Nice set when you put them together.  al

4 gallon lazy 8 target marked churn



I just found this salt glaze churn recently, but not sure if it’s a red wing? Just curious the value if its a red wing. Does have a small hole in the bottom, looks like it may have been used for a planter.



Answer: The 4 gallon lazy 8 target marked churn looks to be Red Wing.  The hole in the bottom does hurt the value.  Value between $150 & $175.   Al

15 gallon Red Wing with spigot and float


Attached are three pictures of my 15 gallon Red Wing I recently purchased. This crock is in perfect shape along with the lid. The lid I believe is called a pedal lid? It has the number 15 in one of the pedals. The side spigot has a tube like going down to a glass ball. The basket is there so the glass ball will not break. Do you know what this is for? I also wanted to know if you have a value to this item?


This 15 gallon Red Wing crock was used either at a chemical company or even a university.  I do not know how this ball & tubed worked.   Now for value.  A perfect 15 gallon Red Wing lid is between $200 & $225.  Your 15 gallon crock is between $150 & $175.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 6 gallon crock with a 4 1/2 inch red wing


It has Red Wing Union Stoneware Co., Red Wing Minn. #6 Patented Dec 21, 1915 on Crock not sure what kind of glaze its semi gloss and chipped a little around the bottom edge other than that I would say it in pretty good condition, Its a large crock probably around 4 or 5 gallon. I would just like to know what the value of it is. Thanks Rick


Rick, you have a Red Wing Stoneware 6 gallon crock with a 4 1/2 inch red wing.  Value with the chips is between $80 & $100.  al

Red Wing Stoneware 3 gallon beehive jug



I have attatched two photos of a jug that I found in someone’s basement.  Can you tell me if this is a Red Wing, and an approxamite value?  There does not appear to be any noticeable chips or cracks, and it looks like the original cork is still in it.

Thank you



Yes, this a Red Wing Stoneware 3 gallon beehive jug.  With just the #3 and no advertising or decoration, the value is around $200.   al

August Sanburg (S/A) salt glazed crock, 3 gallon


Hi I am 13 years old and an avid collector of antiques. My grandmother recently passed away and left me this crock in her will.  I have been doing some checking on the internet and I believe it is an August Sandberg crock.  Do you have any idea what it is worth considering that Mr. Sandberg is considered “one of the Clay Giants”

Please get back to me with a ballpark estimate on what it’s worth it will be greatly appreciated

Thanks Have a good Day

13 years old



Eli, always nice to hear from a young collector and someone who is willing to do a little research on a nice find such as this one.  Now, on the  August Sandburg (S/A) salt glazed crock.  There are a number of collectors who are not sure that these S/A crocks are Red Wing or from another Mid-west stoneware company.  However, either way they are sought after by Red Wing collectors.  If your grandmother’s S/A crock is in perfect condition, the value is between $275 & $300.   Good luck and have fun with your collecting.  You have a nice piece of salt glaze here.  Al Kohlman

10 gallon elephant ear ice water


Red Wing 10 gallon elephant ear ice water what is the value of this piece. thanks and i am excited to hear back.. cody

Answer: It’s a nice Ice Water that is for sure.  With the ecomony being so bad, and the chip on the side rim I would think $3000 to $4000 on this 10 gallon elephant ear ice water.  Also, if that lid is an vinage 8 gallon Red Wing button crock lid, than that is the correct lid for this Ice Water.  Good luck on your sale. al