Red Wing cherry band pitchers


I have recently purchased this pitcher 8.5″ h 4.5″ across top   has very minor 1/8th ” flake on top edge. My question is have never seen an advertising pitcher without an oval or square outline around advertising. This one does not. Any Information would be appreciated. Also approx value.  Thanks you


Susan, there is not to many Red Wing cherry band pitchers that have straight line advertising, though still not considered rare.  With the small chip and advertising light & not listing a town the value is somewhat lower.  Collectors love to see a town that they can relate to.  Value as I see it. $275 to $325.  Al Kohlman

Tall Crock, 2, 8 gallon crocks


I purchased this redwing crock and I gave never seen anything like it. Is There Any Information You Can provide me.

It’s 38 1/2 in tall, and 14 in in diameter.  Here are some pictures of it.



Dennis, after looking at your Red Wing Crock, I did not see a spigot hole.  Most of these made have a spigot hole.  The information that I was told is that these tall crocks (mostly two 8 gallon crocks and one 8 gallon crock cut in have and molded together) were made for the railroad passenger cars.  They were apparently used as coolers for the passengers.  They were filled with ice before leaving the station and throughout the trip the ice would melt leaving the passengers with chilled drinking water.  However, they could have been produced for other uses as well.   Al Kohlman

Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak advertising Red Wing sponge-ware beater jar



I have a spongeware mixer that is stamped “It pays to mix with Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak.”  I was trying to research its value and only was able to find an August 2009 Redwing Collectors Society Newsletter (Vol 34 No. 4).  In it, they highlight auction results (page 11) and it shows that a RW sponge beater jar w/ Kohnke’s Clear Lake, S.D. sold for $1,700.  Mine is pristine and can’t imagine there being anything better about the one sold than mine.  All of that said, I’m finding RW mixer/beater jars with advertising selling for less than $100 on eBay.  Have values fallen that dramatically, or is there something more favorable/rare about this particular advertiser?  Thank you for any insights you are able to provide.

Thank you!



Scott, your Kohnke’s, Clear Lake, S. Dak advertising Red Wing sponge-ware beater jar is somewhat of a tough find and therefore demands a higher value than some the other sponge-ware beater jars.  However, with the downturn of many markets from the 2008 financial crisis have greatly reduced a number of Red Wing Stoneware items that use to demand premium dollars.  Your Kohnke’s beater jar use to sell for around $1200 in mint condition.  Today, if you find the right buyer, $600 to maybe $700.  Still a great piece, but no longer in that higher price category.  Hope this helps some.  Al Kohlman

5 pound Red Wing Pantry jar


I acquired what I think is a pantry jar  and don’t really know too much about this piece.  Would someone there be able to tell me when these were produced and what it’s value may be.  There are some tiny flakes/chips on the side bottom edge.  That’s the only damage to the piece.  The diameter across the top is around 7 ½”.  I’ve included two pictures.



Chris, it looks like you have the 5 pound Red Wing Pantry jar which was produce by the Red Wing Stoneware Company in Red Wing, Minnesota.   Without the lid and the small chips on the base the value is between $200 & $275.    Al Kohlman

Red Wing blue tinted Refrigerator jar


Hi my name is Kevin.  I’m from Montana and stumbled across this is a thrift store garbage dumpster. It is stone made (says refrigerator jar on it) with wire and wooding handle. There are no other markings on it. The jar has a blueish glaze on top and bottom.  I was not able to find the lid.   There are no cracks on it.   I’ve seen a couple on line but not that many.  Also this one is missing the lid.   Thank you for any feedback.

Answer: Kevin, you have a Red Wing blue tinted Refrigerator jar.  In mint condition without the lid, the value is right around $150.  I would say you have a nice little find here!  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon rib cage decorated salt glazed butter churn


Hello! Saw your website and I’m looking for some expert advice. We have these two crocks that were our grandparents’ and possibly their parents’. We were wondering if you could tell us more about them. The churn is in excellent condition with a couple chips out of the bottom. It still has its lid which is in great condition.

The crock is in somewhat rough condition with a Crack down one whole side.

We were just curious if you could tell us more about them. Year they were from and possible value. Any information is appreciated. We plan to keep them in the family and would just like to know more.

Thank you for all your help!

Jon and Courtney


John & Courtney, your Red Wing 5 gallon rib cage decorated salt glazed butter churn was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1883 & 1895.  It would have a value between $350 & $450.  However, the lid on your churn is not Red Wing and have no value on it or history on it.  Also, the 3 gallon salt glazed crock is not Red Wing either and again no history or value on it.  Hope this was somewhat helpful.  Al Kohlman

Montana Advertising Jug



I’ve found these two Red Wing jugs with Montana advertising and am trying to determine if they are priced right to buy.  Both are in overall good condition.  No cracks only a couple of small minor chips.  The zinc glaze is a 1/2 gallon jug and the brown topped shoulder jug appears to be a 1 1/2 or 2 gallon jug. two photos are attached. Can you estimate the value for me?

Best regards,


Answer: I went to another expert on your jugs and was told that the advertising on your Red Wing Montana jugs was quite common.  However, there are not many of them around.  Value is between $400 to $500 each.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Sponge band Casserole



We have a small crock that says it was made in Red Wing. I was wondering if you could tell by he logo what time period it’s from. I put it on our scanner and took 3 “pictures”.   haha It is about 3″ high and not quite 6″ diameter and in dang near perfect condition.

Thank-you so much for your time.




Karen, you have a Red Wing Sponge band Casserole.  Without lid, the value is around $150 if in perfect condition.  The Sponge band stoneware was introduced in the late 1920′s by the Red Wing Stoneware Company.  Al Kohlman

Collection of Lazy 8 salt glazed beehives 3,4, & 5 gallon


I purchased this matching set 3, 4, & 5 gallon beehive from the late Roger Hildebrand, here in Pelican Rapids Minnesota. I’ve had them about 15 years, held in storage and flawless. All three have turkey droppings on the backsides. I’m interested in their value individually but probably more importantly as a set since they were put together as a matching set.



David, these lazy 8 salt glazed beehives have dropped in value from what they use to sell for.   These lazy 8 beehives have a value today in the area of $450 to $600 each.   You will always do better to sell them individually than as a set.  However in a set you are looking at $1200 to $1600 and of course buyers always want to bundle to reduce the price, so this is why we like to sell them individually.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug


Good evening!

I have a question for you! Actually it could lead to several questions!! First, I bought this 5 gallon whiskey jug as it caught my eye since it had the 5 stamp of the Redwing. However, it does not have any other marks! No red wings stamp or the circle of the Redwing logo. So I’m quite confused with it. I have another 5 gallon jug and the 5 stamps are identical. Just in different places. It has no chips or cracks, excellent condition. The antique store I bought it from said it was a Redwing. I shall have a 20 gallon crock, 6 gallon and several other pieces. I love them! Can’t get enough!! So if someone can help me out here I would really appreciate it very much!!

Thank you!!



Denise, you do indeed have a Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug. These jugs where produced for a short period right when the Red Wing Stoneware Company & the Minnesota Stoneware Company merged.   Red Wing had taken a number of the Minnesota Stoneware Company potters who placed the gallon-age number on the top of the dome.   With just the number 5 and no other decorations, the value is somewhat lower than if it had a wing or leaves.  Value in perfect condition is between $50 & $60.  Al Kohlman

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