6 gallon and 12 gallon Red Wing crocks


I just got these two pieces. I’m just wondering the value on them. The #6 doesn’t have any flaws on it besides rust on the handles. The #12 is great except the two handles have been broken off. Would you mind giving me your estimate? Also, I’m thinking of buying a 12 gallon crock that just has the 12 on it. I’m not sure if it is marked on the bottom, however it doesn’t have the red wing stamp on it. Should I look on the bottom for a mark if its not on the crock itself? Is the value lower on the #12 with no wing on it? I don’t have a picture of it but I can’t find any info on red wing crocks without the red wing stamp on it as far as value. I would assume that collectors look for that.

Thanks so much for your help!



Maelea, your 6 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition has a value between $90 & $100.  The 12 gallon which has the handles broken  off would have a value around $50 at best.  The handles broken off really affects its value.  Now the 12 gallon crock with just the number 12 on it will most likely not be bottom signed.   If the 12 has an oval and no red wing, then the value could be in the $200 range.  If it is just the 12, the value will drop to maybe $75 or so.  Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing Water Cooler with bubbler attachment


I am looking for an approximate value on a 5 gallon Red Wing water cooler.  Is this something you can help me with?  Do I need to be a member? I have attached a photo.

Thank you,



Kristi, no you do not need to be a member to ask questions.    If we break down your Red Wing water cooler, I think that may help you better understand the value of it.  If everything I mention is in perfect condition, then here are their values.  The cooler itself is $300 or so.  The 5 gallon cooler lid $350 and bubbler $80.   Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

Set of Crocks and beater jars


I have several old Red Wing crocks, all in very good condition with no
cracks.The smallest is for whipping cream.The next size has a “1” on the daisy cover but no marks on the crock itself One is marked 2; the other marked 3 – both with covers with the flower pattern on the covers. The biggest one is a 6.   No cover but with handles.  I use this one for a silk plant!

Two pictures attached.  Can you tell me what these were probably used for and
their probable age?  I remember my mother making pickles in #6.  Also, what is their value?

Finally, what do people use them for today?

Thanks. Kathy



Kathy, lets start by breaking down the pieces you have.   If all are in perfect condition than here are the approximate values.   The 6 gallon Red Wing crock has a value between $90 & $100.  The 3 gallon crock $70 to $75.  The 3 gallon lid, $125 to
$135.  2 gallon crock $60 to $70,  2 gallon lid $125, One gallon crock $25 to $30 & 1 gallon crock lid $90 to $100. The Red Wing beater jar $80. All of these crocks were used for canning or food storage.  Today, some are used for canning and others basically display and collections.   Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon Ice Water


I am wondering what this Red Wing Water Crock is worth.  My Mother in Law has had it for years.  It is in great condition, no issues I could notice besides for a minor glazing defect on the front near the where the water spout was (you can see it in the picture). Thanks Bert


Answer: Bert, your mother in-laws Red Wing 6 gallon Ice Water has a
value between $800 & $1000 in today’s market.  A nice piece of Red
Wing!  Al Kohlman

5 gallon churn with wire handles


I have a 5 gallon churn with wire handles, very similar to the 4 gallon in the photo below (I don’t have a good all in one photo of mine).  I also include what photos I have of mine.

I have been unable to find a photo and or price on line for an exact match.  I see plenty of 4 gallon or smaller, and a few 5 gallon churns without handles, but not one like mine.

There is no lid however the churn itself is in excellent condition with no cracks.

Can you give me a ball park figure on value?





Ron, you do not see as many Red Wing churns with the wire
handles as you do without.  However, there are not very many collectors
that I know of who go after the wire handle churns versus the no wire handle
churns and therefore the value is about the same.  Value as I see it in
todays market.   $150 to $200.   Al Kohlman

5 gallon shoulder jug with the number 3 on spout

Question: I have a question about a double marked jug..what is its value.
I also have an albany slip glaze churn, what is the value and year it was

Thank you



Jeannie,  your Red Wing 5 gallon shoulder jug with the number 3 stamped on the spout is somewhat hard to find, but that small #3 does
little to raise its value.  Value $100 to $110.  Your Albany slip
butter churn is not Red Wing.  I have no idea of maker, history or value
on it.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Gray Line 12″ bowl

Question: It is 12 inches. Please advise on value as well.
Thanks Crystal



Crystal, your Red Wing Gray Line 12″ bowl is a great
piece.  However, the chip on the bottom rim and hairline in the side of
the bowl, just kills it’s value.   Bowls to Red Wing collectors are
like glass to glassware collectors.  Any damage and collectors shy away
from the piece.  So even if it seems small to you, it is huge to
collectors.  The way your bowl sits as I see it,  $40 to $50.
Al Kohlman

3 gallon Red Wing Water Cooler with lid


Attached is a photo of a Red Wing Stoneware water cooler along with the lid. Just above the spigot it says “Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing Minn. There are no marks on the inside or outside bottom.

I’m wondering if the lid is the correct one for the cooler. It doesn’t fit snugly. The lid’s outside diameter is 9 3/4″ and 7″ on the underside (see photo). The inside diameter of the cooler is 8 1/2″.

I’m also interested in the value. Thank you for any help!




Dan, your Red Wing water cooler with lid in perfect condition is valued around $500 in perfect condition.  The lid is the correct lid and they are not suppose to fit snugly.  Red Wing always made their lids a bit smaller than their coolers so the could be interchanged with other coolers of the same gallon-age.  Al Kohlman

5 Gallon Elephan Ear beehive jug, Minnesota Stoneware Company


Good morning,

I have been looking at the website and think it is very informative. I was wondering the approximate value of one of my pieces. It has been in my family since it was new apparently. I believe it is over 100 years old and was produced in the early 1900’s. There are no cracks in it and the cork is still in it. Please take the time to answer my question or direct me in the right direction. Thank you,Rob


Rob, you have quite a tough jug to find.  It is a Minnesota Stoneware Company Elephant Ear beehive jug with Minnesota Oval.    Just the Minnesota oval along will bring up the value by a couple of thousand dollars.   If it is in perfect condition.  $4000 to $5000.    Just a great piece.   Wish it were in my collection!  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Spittoons


Can you help us out? Are these all Red Wing? How rare are they? What are their values? Picture attached.

Thank you in advance. Mike



Mike, all three spittoons are Red Wing.  The removal top white with stripes spittoon is valued between $200 & $250. The small Albany slip (brown) spittoon $100 to $125 & the smooth sided salt glazed spittoon unsigned $400 to $$425.  Now these values are for perfect pieces.  Even small chips, hairlines will reduce the value by quite a bit on these.  Al Kohlman