5-gallon water cooler with a 5 marked on inside bottom


I have a 5-gallon water cooler that I think is a Red Wing Cooler. Please take a look at the attached photos and let me know 1)  if it’s a Red Wing  and 2) what is a reasonable price. The lid and spigot are missing and the Red Wing stencil is either faded completely away or was never there. The photo showing  the 5 is the inside bottom of the cooler. This belonged to my grandmother and probably dates back to the 1920’s or 30’s.




Answer: Ed, your grandmothers water cooler is Red Wing and was produced in the early 20′s  For some unknown reason, Red Wing did not place a wing on this cooler.
Without the red wing the value will be lower.  In perfect condition $250 to $300 at best.  Al Kohlman

10 gallon Red Wing with North Dakota advertising


Hello, I have a nice 10 gallon crock which I think is a Red Wing piece and was hoping to get some information about such as, is it rare and what it value might be? I hope these pictures help. Thank you for taking the time and have a nice day. Mark



Mark, you do indeed have a Red Wing 10 gallon crock with
advertising.  It is somewhat rare, but I have no idea of how many that
were produced are surviving today.  Value today, $1200 to $1500 if in
perfect condition.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Brush Ware signed bread crocks



I’m not sure if this is the correct address for asking questions, but it was the only one I could find as it was on the bottom of those pages.  If not, could you please forward it to the correct place?  Thank you.

I recently found the following bread  rock.  It looked like Red Wing to me and, sure enough, it is marked as such on the bottom.  The person selling it had two of these crocks, but the other one had significant damage, so I did not buy it.  Interestingly, it had a smaller, simpler mark than this crock

It is 11 inches high and 14 inches in diameter.  There is a hairline starting at the rim and passing through the “humidity hole” in the back and continues a small distance past the hole.  The hairline does go through the wall of the crock and can be seen on the other side.  I’ve attached a few photos.  (Would the area where the hole is be considered a “weak spot” in the piece and thus more susceptible to damage?)  Other than that, the
crock is in excellent shape in all respects.  I just think it is a beautiful piece and very different than most Red Wing I’ve seen.  It would certainly fit into any country themed kitchen.

I forgot to take a photo of the mark, but it has the following text contained in a simple circle:





Other than the two crocks this person had, I’ve never seen this piece before.
How scarce are they?  What would be a current value range for this
piece in this condition in today’s market?  Is there anything else you can
tell me about it?

Thank you so much for your help!




Jay these Red Wing Brush Ware signed bread crocks are a
tough find.  If it were mint and with a lid, the value is around
$3000.  With your hairline and no lid, you would be looking at $1000 to
$1200.  If you have the lid and with just the hairline by the air
circulating hole, $2200 to $2500.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon salt glazed crock single P & 3 gall beehive



Just wondering if you could tell me more about this crock and jug. The crock has a design that I’ve not seen before.  Is it a Red Wing crock?  What were they used for and their values. They are in great condition, although the crock has one hairline X on the back that measures about two inches in total length.

Thank you,




Lola, both of your stoneware pieces are Red Wing.  The
2 gallon salt glazed crock is called a single P and was used for
pickling.  Value with the small spider like hairline is around $100.

The zinc glazed 3 gallon Beehive jug was used as field jug
to bring water into the fields during harvest, store fruit juices, wines and
other liquids.  Value with just the 3 is $75 to $100.  Al Kohlman

Sitting Bull Dog


Hi Al, I’ve collected stoneware animals for ten years and have three Redwing bulldogs and one sitting bulldog that looks like my others. Do you know if Redwing had a sitting bulldog? Even his collar looks the same!  If so what
value would you place on it and the classic ones? I also have the Ruckle’s
Bristol glaze pig in the Whitehall Illinois stoneware book,  the same one
in the book by the markings. Have you ever seen this sitting bulldog?
Thanks for any information you can give, Angela




this is the first sitting bulldog that I have seen.  It does look like the
Red Wing Bulldogs and I bet it is.   That is quite a piece and would
love to know if any other collectors owns one.  The value on that dog
would be scary at best.

Now the pigs being Red Wing on Monmouth?   I can’t tell.  Unless
they are signed, they look exactly the same.  Both potteries must have
used the same molds   Al Kohlman


Red Wing 2 with lid, Salt glaze double P, 5 gallon shoulder jug



I recently purchased these three crocks for my father-in-law at an estate sale because I know he collects Red Wing stoneware.  Can you give me a rough estimate of origin/time period/value?

#1: Red Wing Crock #2 with lid

#2: Crock (Red Wing?)#9

#3: Red Wing Jug #5

Thanks for help



Ted, your first Red Wing crock is a 2 gallon with lid that
was produced between 1909 & 1930.  Value on just the lid is between
$100 & $125, Crock  $50 to $70.

The second crock is a Red Wing salt glazed crock called a
double P.  It is a 2 gallon that was produced between 1867 &
1895   Value is between $125 & $135.

Last is a 5 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug.  It was
produced between 1917 & 1930.  Value is in the area of $75. All
values are for perfect pieces.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing 20 gallon salt glazed leaf crock


This is a salt glaze crock. It has one small chip on the handle no cracks. We have owned it for about 50 years and bought it from a person we think bought it new. We would like to know the value and how to best sell it?
Chuck and Dixie


Chuck & Dixie, your Red Wing 20 gallon salt glazed leaf crock would have a value around $1000 not being signed.  It could go for a little more or a little less but that is close ball park value with today’s economy.  If your are Red Wing members, the best way to sell it would be in the Red Wing Auction in the July Convention.   If you are not a member, you could join for $25.  The second would be craigslist, with local pickup.  You would not want to pay for shipping & insurance on this beast.   Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing water cooler, lid and fountain


Good morning, can you give me any idea of the value of this 5 gallon cooler with stand and bowl? I have the opportunity to purchase it but am unsure of value. I could have to help you determine value. As you can see this comes with stand and catch basin. I am being told it came from a Reservation school house in South Dakota from the early 1900’s. Thank you! Ronda



Ronda, if your 5 gallon Red Wing water cooler, lid and fountain are in perfect shape, the value for the complete set including stand is between $800 & $1000.  Al Kohlman

12 gallon birch, 4 and 10 gallon Red Wing’s


Recently my mother-in-law was wanting to get rid of some “crocks” that my father-in-law had bought but that they never used.  I told her I’d take four of them.  I thought she only had plain old crocks but these were made by Red Wing so I went on the internet and found your site.  I was wondering if you can tell me what you think they may be worth.  I received two 4 gal. crocks and 1-10 gal. and 1-12 gal.  I am attaching some pictures I took of each and will give you some details I’ve noticed about them.  The 12 gal. has a metal ring around the bottom, somewhat rusty and was wondering what this particular crock may have been used for.  Following are some details of each crock:

4 gal. – in really good shape but has a chip around the side of the top rim;

4 gal – in really good shape but has a small chip in the rim as well

10 gal. – appears in good shape and seems to have one original handle but the other handle is some form of replacement;

12 gal. – appears in really good shape except for a small crack on the inside and rusty metal ring

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I was going to use the crocks as flower pots but now I don’t think I want to take the risk of them fading or getting damaged.


Renee, the two 4 gallon Red Wing crocks with the chips have a value in the area of $35 to $40.  The 12 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock with the crack in the back is in the $40 range.  The 10 gallon Red Wing with the 6 inch wing in perfect condition even minus the handle is valued around $150.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing advertising chicken feeder with Oshgosh, WI advertising


I’ve had this for special little piece for over twenty years and have decided to let it go to a new home. There is a wonderful story to go along with this item. It is in great condition. No cracks etc. Although it doesn’t have a bottom plate, it does have advertising. See picture below. What do you estimate the value to be and how should I go about finding a buyer? I live near Milwaukee, WI. Should I attempt to find a bottom plate?




your Red Wing advertising chicken feeder is wonderful.  This is not an advertising that
I see much, so the value without the bottom plate is right around $450.  The bottom plate for this size of Chicken feeder is around, so any collector interested in it should be able to find one.   Al Kohlman