15 gallon Birch leaf crock with the chips



I just acquired this crock and was hoping for some more information about it.  I called Redwing today and the lady I spoke to said it was made between 1877 and 1906.  I was wondering if the hole in the center is original or not.  And it’s possible value. 

Thank you or your time



Betty, your Red Wing 15 gallon Birch leaf crock with the chips under the handle and hole (which is not original….it has been drilled) has a value around $75 to $100.  That hole is what hurts the value.  Other than that it is a nice looking crock.  Al Kohlman

Collection of stoneware crocks


Good Evening


I am searching information on my Red wing Stoneware collection.


I have attached photos – I didn’t take great photos and not too detailed but as a quick look could you give me an idea of how I would go about selling these.


Do you think I should sell them as a set or individually.  I can provide better photos if you think you may have time to look at them.


Just after a quick guess-stimate on the value so I can put them on ebay.


Many thanks in advance




Stella, if you sell your Red Wing Stoneware, you will want to sell them individually. Also, when selling on eBay, if you sell them as buy it now and use my prices, you just won’t sell them. You need to start them low to get collectors excited. Just some advice, and you may want to put a reserve on them if you are afraid they will go to low. Times are tough right now and money is tight.

25 gal $250 to $300
20    $200
15     $175
10 & 12  $150 each
8     $100
5     $80 to $100
2, 3, 4, $60 to $80 each
3, 4, & 5 Shoulder jugs  $50 to $75 each

These values are for perfect pieces.  Good luck.  Hope you do better than my values. Al Kohlman

30 gallon Red Wing crock with 6 inch wing


I’d very much like to have it valued and would appreciate your passing on the info. to your Stoneware expert. I can tell you that the crock has been kept indoors as a container for sports equipment for the last 40 years or so.  It is super clean – no handles, and to my untrained eye, no evident crazing or significant cracks (I think there is a hairline/one somewhere?). Nancy


Nancy, your 30 gallon Red Wing crock with 6 inch wing would have a value between $250 & $275 in there is no hairlines, cracks or chips.  It would have been $300 except the bolt that holds the handles is rusted inside the clay handle holders.  If there is a hairline, the value will drop to half.   Hope this helps Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon Butterfly churn


What is the value of this salt glaze churn



Larry, nice Red Wing 4 gallon Butterfly churn.  You don’t see many of these around.  Currently the butterflies are down in value as are most other things.  In today’s market, unsigned and in perfect condition, $1800 to $2000.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon red wing water cooler



I have a water cooler by Red wing – it was my grandmothers – is is missing the top and the spigot – otherwise no cracks and colors are still pretty good.  Is this a collectible item and would you know about how much its worth.  Also have a jug and a crock.




the Red Wing water cooler with the potteries oval is $200 to $300. al

5 gallon brown top jug with 4 1/2 inch wing


What can you tell me about his jug I recently got?



Chuck, the oval and the 4 1/2 inch wing is a tougher find than the 2 inch wing.  With the slight incomplete wing and number 5, the value is right around $650.  Nice jug!   Al Kohlman

25 gallon doubl birch and a 4 gallon S/A crocks


Hi all,

I just picked up a couple of farm fresh pieces of stoneware. A 4 gallon salt glaze and a 25 gallon double birch leaf.

I’m not sure if the 4 gallon is Red Wing. What do you think?

I love how the tip of the lower birch leaf cuts into the ski oval on the 25 gallon (squatty?)

(please see att. pics.) They are both in excellent condition.

I was hoping you could give me your opinion and value.




Andy, your 4 gallon salt glazed S\A crock is not Red Wing from the looks of the clay.  Either way the S\A pieces are quite sought after.  In mint condition, $200 to $300 to the right collector.  The Red Wing 25 gallon squat with ski oval and birch leaves is a nice piece.  In perfect condition $250 to $300.   Nice pick.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing brown top jug with the small wing


I have a  jug it has a redwing from Minn. with a 5 on it. it needs a good cleaning..  Maybe you could let me know their value.  Thanks so much. Melody


Melody, the first 5 gallon Red Wing brown top jug with the small wing is valued around $250 in perfect condition.  You will need to clean it up and look it over well.    Al Kohlman

Collection of Salt Glaze


Al to see what do you think of this pieces – Dru


Dru, your 3 gallon Red Wing bottom signed crock with the inside chip would have a value between $250 & $300.  Your 2 gallon Red Wing salt glazed crock, (don’t think it is North Star) will have a value between $50 & $75.  This is do to the weak decoration.  Both the 2 gallon double P and target crock in perfect condition would have a value in the area of $125.   Al Kohlman

Red Wing packing jar


The lid has a small chip and the bottom has two small chips. What is the date of manufacturing and the value on this piece.



Debbie, your Red Wing packing jar was produced between  1936 & 1947.  Value as it sits, $200 to $225.  Al Kohlman