5 gallon St. Paul advertising water cooler


Hey Guys,
  I picked these pieces up at auction and I was curious on value.  The 5 gallon H2O cooler is an St. Paul Book and Stationary advertising piece.  The lid and cooler are in mint shape.  On the second pic, the advertising pantry jar has a small hairline and a chip on the backside about the size of a pinky nail.  The lid on it is perfect.  The mini’s are mint.  I love the “The Atlantic” Butte, MT mini with the blue stamping. It’s cool.
Take care!


Dru, your St. Paul advertising water cooler has a value between $1000 & $1100 in perfect condition with lid.  The advertising pantry jar with crack and mint lid, $500 to $600.  The Montana mini jug $500 & two Chicago mini jugs being $300 each.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon salt glaze crock


  What do you think?  Is this Eastern or RW?  The condition is good, no chips cracks, etc….  What do you think on value?  Take care, Dru


Dru, I think it is Red Wing.  Value is $150 to $175.  al

8 gallon Red Wing Stoneware water cooler


Dear Mr. Kohlman,

My husband and I discovered this 8 Gallon Red Wing Water Jug at a country auction we recently attended in a neighboring county of Virginia.  We were immediately attracted to the stoneware by its beauty.  We did some research at home and discovered your website and all the different stoneware containers.  We are now “hooked” on the Red Wing Stoneware and plan to keep our eyes open for more.

In the meantime, could you please tell us the history of this piece…what age date do you put on the piece, the value of the piece and the fair selling price if we were to sell it in the future.  As you can see from the attached pictures. the piece is in perfect condition in the body with original spigot and handles. There are no spider lines, chips or cracks in the body. It has the top which at some point had a piece knock out of the rim.  The Red Wing symbol is prominently displayed in the middle under the 8 Gallon Water Cooler with the Red Wing Company name and place of origin in the circle at the bottom.  The stoneware has a glaze presence.

Thank you for any information you can share with us!

Best Regards, Steve and Martha


Steve & Martha, nice to hear that you two enjoy this stoneware site.  Your 8 gallon Red Wing Stoneware water cooler was produced between 1939 & 1947. This was the last production era for Red Wing stoneware.  The cooler by itself has a value between $350 & $400.  The lid with the chuck taken out (many folks used a ladle rather than use the spigot) to support a ladle will have a very low value.  Value on it will be in the area of $50.   Nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Mason Fruit Jars sizes and marking colors


I have a question on the mason fruit jars. I have a 1 gallon..1/2 gallon …and the 1 qt. jars in the blue writing and also the black writing. My question is, my blue 1qt. is what they call a squatty it is 6 1/8 high with out the cap on. My black 1 qt. is 6 3/4 high with out the cap on. Do they make a squatty 1 qt. in the black ink that is the same height as the blue squatty 6 1/8 height? Is there a average height for these jars 1 gallon…1/2 gallon …and the 1 qt.? My black print 1 qt. is 6 3/4 high with out the cap on. Do they make a 1 qt. in the blue print the same height as my black print(6 3/4″)?


Tom, this question in regards to the 1/2 inch difference between the Red Wing Mason jars is a tough one.  These were molded pieces.  Therefore there must have been a short mold and a taller mold use during this production period.  Also molds became quite worn after many uses and were discarded.  Therefore new molds were made and of course the size may very well been off by a 1/2 inch or so.  With this being said, I would believe that you should be able to find both sizes in blue or black ink as both colors were used during the production of these pieces.  Al Kohlman

5, 4, and 3 rib cage jugs


I attached a picture of 3 ribcage jugs, The seller is asking a nice amount of money and I want to be sure I am paying a reasonable dollar. I would like to know the worth of each before making a deal with them. If you can as soon as you can, I really apprecaite it.


The set of Red Wing Rib Caged beehive jugs is quite nice.  Though value has dropped on these.  $1500 to $2000 each.  Al Kohlman

Paint removal from a Red Wing Crock





I have a large Redwing crock with the red wing and the number 10 on the outside of it.  Unfortunately, there is old paint cake on the inside.  Is there a safe way to remove the paint without harming the crock?  

Thank you for any advice.






Joan, go ahead and use paint stripper on this paint that is on the inside of your Red Wing 10 gallon crock.  The paint stripper will have no affect on the glaze or any part of this crock.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 1 pound Pantry Jar


I believe this small crock belonged to my Great Grandparents.  It is 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter.  I’m guessing it was for jam??  I would like information on it’s age and use.  Thank you……Cathy


Cathy, what you have is the smallest (1 pound) Red Wing Stoneware Pantry Jar.  With the lid, this little jar is very collectible.  It was used on the kitchen counter to store either a spice, grain or other kitchen ingredient used for cooking or baking.  In perfect condition with  the lid, the value is between $400 to $500.  You may now go ahead and sell it or go completely crazy and collect the entire set.   Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company Albany slip jug which is bottom stamped


Here is a better picture of the “Minnesota Stone Ware Co. Redwing” that is in raised writing, and of the same whitish clay material the bottom is made out of, on the bottom of the jug.  The piece is small and adorable, I don’t care much if at all about the value, I do care about the date it was made:)  I have other pottery also found at the same old farm and much of it is not marked, so a date is simply a starting point for other finds.  The farm was homesteaded in 1880′s, based on the 100 year anniversary sign from the state fair that is there.  I am pretty sure that nobody ever threw anything away since the 1880′s based on what is there also!  It’s been an antique lovers dream come true in one big mess, a labor of love for say.  



Brenda, your Minnesota Stoneware Company Albany slip jug which is bottom stamped was produced between 1883 & 1894.  The Minnesota Stoneware Company was in existance from 1883 to 1894 when they merged with the Red Wing Stoneware Company and became the Union Stoneware Company.  Al Kohlman

3 Mason Fruit Jars and 4 gallon and 5 gallon water coolers





I purchased the 3 Mason Fruit Jars at a market this past weekend.

Could you help me determine the true value of these?

All three are in super condition, very clean on the inside. No hairline cracks. No chipping at all on the opening. Quart, 2 quart and gallon size. If you could also help me with the water coolers too that would be great. 4 gallon and 5 gallon. Also very clean, no cracks of any kind. 


Thank you so much 



Barb, both your 4 & 5 gallon Red Wing water coolers would have a value in the area of $600 each (which includes the lids & spigots) if in perfect condition.  Your Red Wing Stone Mason jars are as follows.  1/2 & quart $225 each.  The one gallon Mason jar has a value between $700 to $850.   Al Kohlman



This is obviously a Chicken Water-er but I am not sure why the BLUE OVAL STAMP READS:

CAJON OR BARON? (cant really make it out) STONEWARE COMPANY along with the normal RED WING/ RED WING, MINN wording on the blue stamp.


This measures 7 inches tall and around 5 1/2 to 6 inches across the top or the openeing feeding area.


It also reads PATENED APRIL 7 1885 over the opening and UNION STONEWARE CO RED WING MINN on the bottom or back.


 I also would like to know its value and offical name of this water-er.


Any info on this item would be very appreciated. I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.


Kind Regards,



David, you have the early Red Wing “Eureka” chicken drinking fountains.  They came in 1/2, 1 & 2 gallon sizes and were produce somewhat in the area of 1900 or so. The Red Wing oval reads ‘Red Wing    Union Stoneware CO   Red Wing, Minn”   Value for your Eureka fountain in perfect condition is between $100 & $125.   Al Kohlman