4 gallon elephant ear with a pale green color


I bought this  4 gallon elephant ear crock at an estate sale. As you can see it is pale green, which is unusual to me. I showed it to a Redwing dealer here in Minnesota and he had never seen one.  It is the original glaze .  He thought the color may have occured when they change  from a  salt  to a zinc glaze? I was wondering if you have ever seen another one and had any more info on it.  Thank you!


Answer: Ann, I have seen some of these Elephant Ear crocks with a tint of green to the glaze.  I tend to agree with your Red Wing dealer that is most likely a carry over of a bit of salt glaze to the zinc glazed era.   I am sure it is one of the very early Elephant Ear
pieces.   Hope this was of some help.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 2 gallon salt glazed target marked crock


Today I purchased a salt glazed 2gallon crock. I would like to get an approximate year of manufacture and value. There are no chips or cracks and I would consider it in vg/excellent condition. There are no manufacture markings other than the target design. It is salt glazed. Thanks.


You have a Red Wing Stoneware 2 gallon salt glazed target marked crock which was produced between 1887 & 1895.   Value today is between $100 & $125.  Al Kohlman

Sterling Wine House jug, Red Wing


I picked these pieces up in Eastern Iowa. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sterling


Sterling, the Sterling Wine House jug is Red Wing.  Value in perfect condition is between $150 & $175.  It is a common advertising jug.  The Advertising butter crock is not Red Wing.  I think it is from Western Stoneware Co.  I just have no idea of its value.
Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon Groomes & Ullrich Chicago advertising jug


Found this jug in my attic over the weekend. It is obviously a red wing, but may you please tell me more about it.

I do not see any visible cracks or chips See picture attached.


Answer: DVR, you do indeed have a Red Wing 4 gallon Groomes & Ullrich Chicago advertising jug.    In perfect condition the value is between $225 & $250.   Al Kohlman

2 gallon crock with Dusek & Co, Chicago advertising



Recently I was able to buy this wonderful advertising crock. I was curious what you think the value is and if you had any idea how many were made and roughly when it was made?  Thanks

Answer: your 2 gallon advertising crock would have a value between $1500 & $2000.  I have no idea of when it was produced or how many were made.  You can purchase the
Red Wing Pottery Ledger from the Foundation for around $30 and look all of this
information up.    Al Kohlman

4 gal double rib cage & 10 gallon Red Wing no handles


I have two crocks which I would like to have evaluated.
Photos attached. Thank you.

The double rib cage is in very good condition, while the Red
Wing has chips in the rim.


Answer: Virginia, the Red Wing 4 gal double rib cage was
produced between 1883 & 1895. Value $250 to $275. The 10 Gal wing crock in
its condition $100. It was produced between 1915 & 1930.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon salt glazed crock with the primitive upturned, North Star


Dear Red Wing,

Can you tell me if this seemingly is a Red Wing item and if so what year/is it collectable or common?

thank you



Sandra, your 3 gallon salt glazed crock with the primitive upturned leaf is Red Wing.  It was produced by the North Star Stoneware Company between 1892 & 1906.  If in perfect condition, it would have a value in the neighborhood of $300.   Al Kohlman

Klondike Feeder


What can you tell me about the value and history of the feeder.



There is a small chip at the base of this Red Wing bell chicken feeder and it will affect the value as collectors today want perfect pieces.  The bell chicken feeders were produced in 1920’s.  Value on this feeder is around $275 to $300.  If mint value would be $325 to $350 without the base.

Al Kohlman

20 gallon salt glazed butterfly


I was wondering if you could give me an idea of these three pieces:

The first is a 20 Gallon Butterfly Crock with a crack in the side.  It appears a long time ago, someone stabilized this piece with a ring of bale wire around the top.  It does have a couple of chips/flaws too.  I have taken pictures from every angle.  I would be happy to take more pictures if you like.

I also have a brown top jug and a crock.

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated!



Randy, your Red Wing 20 gallon salt glazed Butterfly was produced between 1887 & 1895.  I just love the different tones of salt glaze on your piece.   Not being signed and the large crack in the back, the value would be around $250 to $300 at best.  The brown top jug may or may not be Red Wing.  Either way, with no decoration or advertising, the value is around $10.  The bottom signed butter crock does have a small chip on the bottom.  Value is around $30.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

Collection of crocks: 15, 4, 3, 2, 10, 6


We where recently given some crocks as a donation (to be sold) and we are wondering if someone can help us assessing a good sale price for them?

As you can see in the picture we have 6 crocks total and here is a little about each one:

2 Gal = in good shape

2 Gal lids = a few small chips
3 Gal = some small chips
4 Gal = in good shape

4 Gal lid = cracked and looks to have been glued
(very good job though)

6 Gal = a number of crocks in one place on the base
(visible in the picture)

10 Gal = in good shape

10 Gal lid = one dime sized chip on edge

15 Gal = in good shape

15 Gal lid = one 6″ hair line crack on the lid
and chip near the handle

FYI the ones in good shape have no easily apparent chips or cracks

I think they all have original handles as well

Any help you can give on a good sale price for these will help us with the fundraiser we are selling these at.  Does selling a crock and the appropriate sized lid raise the overall pricing versus selling them separately?

Thank you greatly for your time and have great day!!!!!!



Brent, your 2 gallon Red Wing crock with small wing, $50 to $60.  The 2 gallon Red Wing lids with small chips, $75 each. The 3 gallon crock with 4″ wing & small chips.  $75.  4 gallon small wing crock $75 to $80.  4 gallon lid that was cracked and glued together, $20.  6 gallon small wing crock with a number of cracks, $30 to $35.  10 gallon small wing crock $75 to $100 at best.   10 gal crock lid with dime side chip on lid,  $100.  $15 gallon 4 inch wing crock $150. 15 gallon lid with hairline crack & chip near handle.  $50 to $75.  Brent it is always better to sell the lids separate from the crocks.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

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