8 gallon Red Wing crock has the large 6″ red wing



My 97 year old grandmother would like to know the worth of her 8 gallon Red Wing Pickle Crock.  Her guess is around $100.  I am attaching several pictures which I hope will assist you.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.



Suzette, your Grandmother’s 8 gallon Red Wing crock has the large 6″ red wing, which tells me it was produced right around 1915.  The large wing and number 8 were applied well with good color.  The value if in perfect condition would be $125 to $150.  Grandmother was not to far off.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Up-turned leaf salt glazed North Star crock & 3 gallon small wing


Good Day!  My name is Val and I am writing to you regarding two crocks I have inherited from my Grandparents.  The first one is a 5 gal salt glazed crock with a slight chip near the inside lip of the crock and a small chip on the underside of one of the ears on the crock as you will see in the pics provided.  There is slight staining running down from the ears of the crock also.  I also have a nice 3 gal small wing crock in what I consider nice condition. No chips or cracks.  Wondering if you would share a value on these crocks?

Thank you!

With Regards,



Val, your 5 gallon Up-turned leaf salt glazed crock was produced by the North Star Stoneware Company in Red Wing, Minnesota.  With the shallow chip on the inside rim and under one handle, the value is between $300 & $375.  Your 3 gallon Red Wing crock with small wing,  $60 to $75.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing most likely a North Star


After a couple failed tries I think I finally found a piece of North Star Red Wing. It’s a very close match to the two gallon big snow North Star crock without the big snow of course. It has 3 small crows feet that don’t show through and one with half way down hairline, and some small chips. Despite the condition I was happy to find it for $40. But I would still like your opinion Please. Many thanks! Lynn


Lynn, it sure does match the photo you have.  It is considered Red Wing and most likely a North Star crock.  With the crows feet and hairline, the value is between $60 & $80.   Al Kohlman

Albany Slip Pieces


Are the attached stoneware salt glazed brown Albany clay? Any info is much appreciated Apolonio


Apolonio, the pieces you have here did have an Albany slip applied to the clay when they were produced. The Albany slip came from Albany,  New York and was used to cover the clay to prevent the contents of the pieces from leaking.  Albany slip melded into the pores of the clay at a lower temperature than it took to fire the clay.  This provided a smooth seal to the crock or jug it was applied to.  The only piece that is Red Wing in the molded Albany slip jug that is bottom signed.    The value on that piece is between $50 & $75 if in perfect condition.

Red Wing Greek Key bowl


Hi I have this bowl with advertising in it. It was found in Onalaska, WI. What can you tell me about the value and advertising history.



June, that is a gorgeous Red Wing Greek Key bowl.  I have not seen that advertising before and have no idea of which town it belongs to.  Hopefully a Red Wing collector well read this an respond back with its roots. The value on that advertising Greek Key bowl today would be $100 to $125 Al Kohlman

20 gallon birchleaf crock with no handles


Hi….sorry no picture but…I have a 20 gallon crock with 4 birch leaves with oval trademark ref.

RED WING..UNION STONEWARE …RED WING MINN. NO APPARENT CRACKS OR CHIPS…There appears to be a small ‘bubble’ on the inside of crock??? Not sure what it is…but my question is in ref to lack of handles….The crock is totally smooth all the way around..no handles and no indentations/grips to pick it up..I am surprised there is no damage…what was this used for and is this odd that there is nothing to allow easier pick up????    I don’t plan on selling it but would like to know the value…thanks so much for your time.   Leanne


Leanne, your 20 gallon birchleaf crock with no handles was produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Company before they came up with the red wing in 1909.  This tells me that your 20 gallon crock was produced between 1985 & 1909..  If there is an oval on your crock, it would be Red Wing’s first oval which is called the ski oval.  Red Wing used birch leaves before the red wing was produced and therefore there is no handles.  The Minnesota Stoneware Company also used birch leaves, but there pieces had molded handles.  The value of your 20 gallon in perfect condition is right around $250.  Al Kohlman

50 gallon crock has an Albany slip interior


Here are photos of my crock hope I can find how much its is worth and maybe a good home in my basement and so large and heavy that I would rather it go to someone who appreciates such a large piece of ceramics. There is no lid however.


David, your Red Wing 50 gallon crock has an Albany slip interior.  This is the first one I have seen with this interior which tells me it is a very early piece.  The one concern I have is that there is a wire just under the rim.  That usually means that there is a crack or hairline in the crock and the wire was added to stop that hairline crack from spreading..  So here is the deal.  If your 50 gallon is in perfect condition, the value with the Albany slip interior would  be between $2000 & $2500 today.  If there is a hairline crack, even a tight one, that value would go down to half.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

Ice Water that was stenciled Water Cooler

Question: Al,
I picked this water cooler up a while back at auction.  It’s a neat cooler.  I’ve only seen ones with a bung hole in the book.  I was curious what you thought on value and was wondering what time frame were they produced?  Also, what is the correct spigot for these with the hex bung hole?   The cooler is mint, no chips, cracks, stains, etc…

Thank you. Dru


Dru, what you really have is an Ice Water that was stenciled Water Cooler.  This is a very early cooler produced between 1915 & 1917.  These use to sell for around $3000.  Today, I would think maybe $2000 in in perfect shape.  Nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Colorado Whiskey Jug Advertising

Question: I always thought this jug might be worth something when we found it 34 years ago when we lived in Colorado and would go exploring on the weekends.  I finally looked it up a few days ago and found an exact picture of it in an article on  the computer under Colorado Whiskey Bottle Collecting written by John M Eatwell from Denver, Colorado.  He and another author wrote a book called Pike’s Peak Gold.  He told all about the politician called Wolfe Londoner in the late 1880’s.  He says he is a collector, also.  Do you know how I can find how much this jug is worth.

Here is the the PDF

Thanks John


John, this is quite a rare Red Wing advertising jug.  I am guessing that it is bottom signed Red Wing.  I have never seen one, however, it’s book value is $1000 to $1400.  Even with a tough market today, I would think that value would still be good.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon salt glaze with a target



Attached are photos of a crock that I recently bought at a sale. It’s a 2 gallon salt glaze with a target. There is a hairline that’s about 3/4” long and what I believe is a turkey dropping near the rim. It is bottom marked. Can you tell me the age, value and what it was probably used for in it’s day. Also, could you explain the difference between a target and a bee sting?

Thank you,



Linda, your bottom marked Minnesota Stoneware Company 2 gallon salt glazed target marked crock was produced sometime between 1883 & 1895.  With the hairline on the side, the value is between $75 to $100 at best.  Al Kohlman

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