Colorado Whiskey Jug Advertising

Question: I always thought this jug might be worth something when we found it 34 years ago when we lived in Colorado and would go exploring on the weekends.  I finally looked it up a few days ago and found an exact picture of it in an article on  the computer under Colorado Whiskey Bottle Collecting written by John M Eatwell from Denver, Colorado.  He and another author wrote a book called Pike’s Peak Gold.  He told all about the politician called Wolfe Londoner in the late 1880’s.  He says he is a collector, also.  Do you know how I can find how much this jug is worth.

Here is the the PDF

Thanks John


John, this is quite a rare Red Wing advertising jug.  I am guessing that it is bottom signed Red Wing.  I have never seen one, however, it’s book value is $1000 to $1400.  Even with a tough market today, I would think that value would still be good.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon salt glaze with a target



Attached are photos of a crock that I recently bought at a sale. It’s a 2 gallon salt glaze with a target. There is a hairline that’s about 3/4” long and what I believe is a turkey dropping near the rim. It is bottom marked. Can you tell me the age, value and what it was probably used for in it’s day. Also, could you explain the difference between a target and a bee sting?

Thank you,



Linda, your bottom marked Minnesota Stoneware Company 2 gallon salt glazed target marked crock was produced sometime between 1883 & 1895.  With the hairline on the side, the value is between $75 to $100 at best.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing water cooler


What can you tell me about the value and age of my water cooler? Thank you Delphine


Delphine, nice 5 gallon Red Wing water cooler.  Without the lid or the original spigot, I would place a value of $300 to $350 on your cooler.  Al Kohlman

Saffron ware cookie jar


I have been trying to find info out about this piece, but can’t find anything, or am not looking for the right thing. My dad had this and thought it was his grandma’s or great grandma’s. On the bottom is is stamped in blue Red Wing Saffron Ware. It stands about 7 1/4″ high. It is in excellent shape. There are no chips or cracks. It is a yellow/gold color with 3 cobalt blue stripes around the middle. I am assuming that it is pretty old.

Thank you for your time! Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Judy, you have a Red Wing Saffron cookie jar.  I don’ know if it has a lid, but comes with one.  The value is somewhat low.  Maybe $40 to $50 or so with the lid.   Al Kohlman

Hazel Extra Creamery Butter Crock



Can you please tell me the value of my Hazel Extra Creamery Butter Crock?

Thank you,



Carol, your signed Red Wing Hazel Extra Creamery Butter Crock if in perfect condition today has a value between $250 & $300.  I do see a small chip in the back of the butter crock on the rim.  So that value would be around $250 as collectors today are looking for perfect pieces.  Al Kohlman

Music Hall Bath House Co. Salt Sulphur Water, Excelsior Springs bail jug


This is a Music Hall Bath House Co. Salt Sulphur Water, Excelsior Springs, Mo. 1 gallon jug. I was told by the producer of the red wing price guide that this size was not made, only 5 gallon, until he saw it.  I can provide all history of where and when this jug was found. Any info and value would be appreciated. It is bottom marked Red Wing Stoneware Company.

Thanks, David


Answer: This is a wonderful Red Wing advertising bail jug and bottom signed to boot.  In perfect condition, $700 to $800 on the hard to find advertising.  Al Kohlman

3 gal salt, 2 & 5 gallon wing, & 4 gal birch

Question: I have these 4 Red Wing crocks that I was wondering on how much they are and style.
2 gal large wings and seal
3 gal salt glaze, good condition
4 gal Elephant ears with cracks
5 gal small wings and seal

Thank you


Answer: Mike, the 3 gallon salt glazed leaf $250 to $275,  the 2 gallon wing crock $60 to $70,  4 gallon birch leaf cracked  $20,  5 gallon small wing, $80 or so.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Red Wing Ball locking jar


I have enclosed a couple of pictures of a ball lock jar I have.  I think it’s more recent because of the small wing, but my question is about the mouth.  Did the small wing jars have a smaller mouth/lid than the large wing jars?  Mine measure 4 3/8” across the outside of the mouth.  Is there somewhere I can get a replacement lid?


Todd M.


Todd, your 5 gallon Red Wing Ball locking jar has about the right size opening.  With the potteries oval and small wing, your ball locking jar was produced between 1936 & 1947.  I do not know of a replacement lid, but with a little luck, you can find an original ball locking lid either on eBay, flea markets or of course the July Red Wing Convention in Red Wing, MN.  Have fun on the hunt!   Al Kohlman


10 gallon crock with the 6 inch wing, 5 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 inch wing

Question: Hello,

I was so excited to find your website and have enjoyed looking at the different crocks Red Wing has made. I have two, and was wondering if you could give me an estimate on their value. They do not have any cracks, but each one of them has a small chip on the rim. The larger crock has an insignia by the handle that says P A T E N T E with the date Dec. 24, 1915 or 1918. I have attached pictures.

Thank you for the information.



Linda, nice to hear you enjoy the site.  Your Red Wing 10 gallon crock with the 6 inch wing,  would have a value between $125 & $150.  The patent date is Dec 21st, 1915.  This is the date that Red Wing patented the handles.  Also, looking at the photo, one of the handles on the crock is not Red Wing.  It is the one where the wire makes an X in the middle.  Someone must have replaced the original handle with this one.  The 5 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 inch wing would have a value between $70 & $80.  Al Kohlman

6, 3, and 2 gallon Red Wing Crocks



I have 3 old crocks and was wondering what they might be worth.

6 Gal. / 3 Gal. / 1 Gal. There is a handle on the 6 gallon.

They are in good shape, no cracks or chips.

Thanks so much. Vicki,


Vicki on your 6 gallon Red Wing crock it looks like there is a hairline on the bottom front of your crock.  If this is the case, the value is around $40.  If it is a glaze run, then figure about $70 to $80.  Both the 3 gallon & 2 gallon winged crocks, $60 to $70 each.  Al Kohlman