5 gallon Red Wing Threshing Jug


I have an Antique Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing 5 Liquor Crock in very good condition.  I am not able to find a similar one with the handle and the spigot to  determine its value.  I will appreciate if you can tell me what is the approximate value for this crock. Thank You!


Answer: Yo have a 5 gallon Red Wing threshing jug, I would place the value between $800-1000 in perfect condition. Al KOhlman.

Minnesota Stoneware Company Dome top zinc glaze jug, bottom signed


Hello experts,

I’ve been following your site for a little while now, thanks a ton for all the great information and imagery you’ve supplied here. I did do a search for white ware jugs before sending this query and was not able to locate one that looked quite like this.

The piece that I am hoping to get some more info on is a white ware ball-topped jug with MINNESOTA STONEWARE Co. RED WING embossed on the bottom.

I believe it’s a gallon jug…it’s 10″ tall and 7″ in diameter.

The piece does not have any cracks, chips, or flakes but does have a couple of small scratches in the glaze.

Thank you in advance for any info you can provide!



Bill, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company Dome top zinc glaze jug which is bottom signed.  They used to sell for around $75 before the economy took the hit in 2008. Today they sell in the area of $50 to $60.  This lower value is due to no advertising or decoration.  Still a nice early Red Wing piece.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Saffron Ware cookie jar


Hello. Do you have any info on red wing saffron wear crocks and what the average value of it may be?

Here is a picture of the crock.

I thank you in advance for your help.




David, what you have here is a Red Wing Saffron Ware cookie jar.  It should be signed on the bottom.  Your cookie jar was cold painted and I see the decoration is now beginning to deteriorate.  With no lid and no decoration  (the decoration was applied by someone else after the cookie jar was produced).  Value is quite low.  $15 to maybe $20.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon side stamp Albany slip beehive, marked


I have a very nice 5 gallon albany slip glaze jug. It is side wall stamped Red Wing Stoneware Company and is in excellent condition with no damage of any kind. I was hoping you could provide me with approximate manufacturing date and its current value.

Thanks, Ron


Ron, first of all, just an outstanding beehive with a gorgeous Albany slip.   Your Red Wing 5 gallon side stamp Albany slip beehive was produced between 1877 & 1895.    Production most likely some place in the middle of these dates.   In perfect condition, these jugs are going in the $1,200 range.  Al Kohlman

5 gallon Albany Slip beehive jug


Al,  I attended a class reunion in comfrey and spoke with tom seller who was kind enough to direct my questions to you. I have an Albany slip jug in what I would consider mint condition in color, glazing with No chips.   It has no markings except for what looks like a “six”.  But probably a five. I would like it verified as red wing along with an appraisal as it no longer fits my decor I would like to sell it and tom said you would greatly help me.    Richard


Richard, your Albany slip 5 (yes it is a 5 gallon) beehive jug looks to be Red Wing.  The spout, back of the handle & glaze all looks right.   Not being signed the value is between $200 & $300.  If the glaze is complete and no damage, I would aim for the higher value.   Al Kohlman

10 gallon water cooler with fount and 20 gallon Red Wing Crock



I am trying to find out more about a Red Wing Union water cooler for my Dad. We would like to find out how old it is and what it’s value is before we attempt to sell it. It has a 10 gallon crock on the top w/ what appears to be a 2″ red wing. The 10 gallon crock has a lid. But I do not know if it is the original lid. There is another crock on the bottom of the stand that is 2 gallons with a 4″ red wing. The stand is black metal. I would also like to know the best way to clean the stoneware and the stand it sits on. Thank you in advance for your help!



Cathy, you have a Red Wing 10 gallon Water Cooler that was produced between 1936 & 1947.  If the water cooler is in perfect condition (without the lid), the value is between $400 & $425.  Now the lid does not look to be the correct lid.  It would have the same blue lines and embossed petals on the lid to be a Red Wing water cooler lid.  If there are no petals, the lid is not Red Wing.  If there are petals embossed in the top of the button lid, it would be Red Wing and the value would be around $200.  Now if there is an damage such as hairlines, cracks or chips, those values can drop to half in a heart beat.

The 2 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition is value in the area of $60 or so and was produced between 1915 to 1930.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

12 gallon Red Wing crock



These pieces were left by the former owners when my parents purchased their home in the early 1960s. They are rather dirty right now as we just ‘unearthed’ them and took the photos, but in good condition – no cracks inside or outside. My brother decided to investigate Red Wing and we found your website and here we are, asking you for the value of each piece, particularly the smaller piece with what appears to be a swirly 8. The larger piece has handles that you can’t see well from the photo and I understand the handles were patented in the 1910s.




Joanna, your 12 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition would have a value in the neighborhood of $100 to $125 when all cleaned up.  The patented date for the handles was Dec 21st, 1915,  so you were fairly close.  Your second piece is a 3 gallon salt glazed crock.  It is not Red Wing.  Not being Red Wing, I just have no idea of history or value.  Still a cute piece.  Al Kohlman

30 gallon Red Wing salt glazed back stamped Butterfly crock


I would like some information and valuation of this 30 gallon crock. It is in excellent condition with no hairline cracks and it is stamped Red Wing on the back.
Thanks, Bret


Bret, your Red Wing salt glazed 30 gallon back stamped Butterfly crock was produced between 1880 & 1895.  If there are no chips, cracks, hairlines or cracks the value today is between $4500 & $5500.   I hate to have such a large spread on the value, however, until one gets to really look at the piece for flaws like flaking in the glaze, stains or spider type hairlines, this is the safest way to go.  It is a great looking piece!  Al Kohlman

20 Gallon Squat Crock and Lid


I have this large crock and lid at my work. Can you tell me it’s value?


This is a squat Red Wing 20 gallon crock with 6 inch wing and handles. If in perfect condition it is valued between $600 & $650 for just the crock.  If the lid is in perfect condition and is a Red Wing lid and creamy white, it has a value in the area of $300.  It is a very nice piece.  Al Kohlman

20 gallon double flower Red Wing salt glazed crock


I’ve had this 20 gal. double flower for quite some time.

I’d like some information on it.

Thank you.



Larry, you have quite the rare piece here.  I sounds like your 20 gallon double flower Red Wing salt glazed crock is not side stamped.  It is an early piece of Red Wing made sometime between 1877 & 1895.  If in perfect condition and not stamped Red Wing, it could bring between $10,000 & $15,000.   If it is stamped Red Wing on the side or back the value would be higher.  Al Kohlman

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