5 Gallon Self Draining Jar


Attached are photos of a Red Wing 5 Gallon Self Draining Jar.  The crock itself is in excellent condition, while the lid has some large chips.  Please provide me with the value.

Thanks Tamara


Tamara, before we start on the Red Wing self draining jar, I am going to discuss your lid and spigots.  Both the lid and spigots are not Red Wing, so I have no value on them.  The Red Wing self draing jar has the same look as the water cooler, however the value is a little lower than the coolers. $300 to maybe $350.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 2 gallon double P salt glazed crock


I have various Red Wing products with corresponding photos that I will be sending to you in individual emails.  Please forward to your experts to identify the piece, the time period it was produced, the rarity/desirability of the item, the range of possible value, and any additional comments they may have.  We love your website.  Thank you.

Size – 9.5in x 9.5in
Condition – No cracks. one small chip on top rim.
Decoration – Colbalt blue design
Markings – None
Glaze – Glazed on outside, dark brown glaze on inside, bottom unglazed.


You have a Red Wing 2 gallon double P salt glazed crock.   Produced between 1877 & 1895  Value, right around $100.  Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware 3 gallon birch leaf shoulder jug


I recently purchased this 3 Gallon Birch Leaf Jug. I was wondering if you could tell me the age of it and an estimate of it value?  It has a small chip on the bottom below the Union oval. Other then that the jug is perfect, no cracks or hairlines.

Thank you for your time,



Adam, great looking Minnesota Stoneware 3 gallon birch leaf shoulder jug.  Wish that small chip was in the back.  Your jug was produced between 1900 & 1906. Value with that chip in the front, $100 to $125.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing zinc glazed 4 gallon Red Wing crock


My Aunt has a 4 gallon crock with this oval design on it. I can’t find any other picture like it on the internet. Can you tell me anything about it? Thank you for your help!


Buddy, you have an early Red Wing zinc glazed 4 gallon Red Wing crock that was produced between 1909 & 1912 or so.  Value in perfect condition is $70 to $80.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon birch leaf no oval


I am hoping that you are able to help me find some information about my 6 gallon double leaf crock. I bought the crock for $45 dollars. I would love to know if it’s red wing, the price, and how old the crock is.


Your crock is a RW crock manufactured in the early 1900′s.  It does not have the standard oval stamp—many crocks like this were sold in department stores such as Sears.

4 gallon elephant ear churn


I recently bought a beautiful Union Stoneware butter churn at an estate sale.

Here is the information:

1.) It has one slightly nicked area on the bottom rim, and slight nick on the upper rim, otherwise looks great

2.) I’m, of course, wondering what you would estimate its worth to be, also its time period and rarity. There is no lid or actual churn, just the large canister part. The previous owner was using it to store feather dusters, a cane, and a couple of yard sticks.

3.) I live in Bellville, Texas. We are not far from the Round Top Trade Days where it is quite likely the previous owner acquired the churn.

Thank you for what you do. This is really beautiful and I was delighted to pick it up this weekend.




Brena, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company 4 gallon elephant ear churn that was producted between 1895 & 1906.  With the two small chips the value is between $275 & $300 without the lid.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

Salt Glaze Success Filter, top half


I am hoping to get possession of the success filter in the attached pic and wondered if you could help me with some detailed information and market value.

Again, thanks for your assistance.


Answer: This is the top half of a salt glazed success filter made in the late 1800′s by Red Wing.  A complete set sold at auction a couple of years ago for $2200.  Your piece, by itself is valued around $800.

Group of Advertising Crocks


Dear Expert,

Can you please give us values and years these crocks were made. Also were they made in other sizes.

The middle one is 8 3/4 inches wide, by 6 1/2 inches tall.

The other two are both 7 1/4 inches wide by  5 1/8 inches tall. These crocks are in great condition. No chips or cracks.

Was there ever a lid for these crocks,and how were they covered for storage?

Thank you

Don and Kathy

Answer: Red Wing Stoneware Co. made butter crocks for many different dairy companies in the early 1900′s to about 1940. Prices vary greatly depending on desirability and rarity.  Your butter crocks have a value estimate of $250-350 in excellent condition.  Butter crocks were made in sizes of one pound up to 20 pounds.

Minnesota Stoneware Company 12 gallon crock, birch leaf



I am curious if you would be able to provide some information and possible a value? Here are some more photos too! Thanks for your help!



Joe, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company 12 gallon crock that was produced around 1906 to 1908.  With the base chips and hairline on the rim the value is between $60 & $80.  Al Kohlman

20 Gallon Salt Glaze Butterfly, front stamped


I have this crock, I am going to have to downsize my house and need to find a place that I can sell it. I live in Arizona and don’t know how to go about it. Can you give me some advice, on how or where I could sell it. It is in very nice condition, no hairlines or cracks, but does have one chip on one ear, and on smaller one on the other ear (which is almost hidden because it is on the underside of the ear.

Thank you so much for your help.



Nellie, you have a nice butterfly here.  The tough part is selling it in Arizona as there are not many Red Wing collectors in that area.  You really don’t want to ship it as it is large and quite heavy,so shipping charges will be quite high.  The best is to first try Craigslist and make sure that you state PICK UP.   If you have no luck there, you can try eBay, but again state PICK UP.   Every now and then, some one will state they want you to ship it.  If that happens let them know that you will take it to a UPS Store and they will package, insure and ship it at the their expense.   Good luck.  Al Kohlman

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