30 gal Minnesota double birch, 30 gal Salt Glaze butterfly back stamped


Hello… My husband & I are wanting to know of any history/ information/ value that you may have about these (2) crocks.

The first one is a 30 gallon Minnesota Stoneware crock.  No cracks at all, inside & out!  It has 4 birch leaves on the front with a Minnesota Stoneware Company oval stamp.  Also… it has handles on each side.

The second crock is a 30 gallon salt glazed hand painted cobalt blue butterfly.  It is also in MINT condition (inside & out)!  It is embossed/ stamped on lower back side.  This one also has handles on each side.

Please let us know whatever you can about these pieces!  We are VERY curious!!!  If you need more info from us, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!

We thank you in advance!

Anxiously excited stoneware collectors,

Shonna & Kelly


Shonna & Kelly, you have two very nice and sought after Red Wing pieces pictured here.  The 30 gallon zinc glazed crock with four birch leaves and Minnesota oval was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1895 & 1906.  In perfect condition, the value is between $1000 & $1200 or so.  The 30 gallon Red Wing Stoneware back stamped salt glazed butterfly crock was produced between 1887 & 1895.  In perfect condition its value is between $6000 & $6500.  Just outstanding pieces!  Al Kohlman

10 gallon large wing crock


Wondering if you can tell me the years and values of these two Red Wing pieces.  1st is a 10 gallon crock with 2 small chips one by one of the handle holes and a small chip on the back bottom edge, both chips being about the size of a dime. Second is an 8 gallon ice water cooler in very nice shape one small chip on the top rim smaller than a dime and only really missing the white coloring, there is some sort of what looks like latex paint on it that I haven’t tried to remove yet. The coloring of the #8 and lettering is black on this piece not blue.  Also can you tell me where to buy replacement handles for the crock and what type of spout would have been in the ice water cooler and if it is available as a replacement item.

Thank You



Doug, your 10 gallon large wing crock was produced right around 1915 as it has the handles and the six inch wing.  Value would be right around $150.  You can find handles on eBay or at the Red Wing Convention in Red Wing MN in July.   Your 8 gallon Ice Water was produced between 1909 & 1912.  Value today is between $1000 & $1400 or so once you clean it up.  The paint can be easily removed with any paint stripper without harming the cooler.  The best spigot for your Ice Water is the old T-handle brass spigot.  However, they look good with the original Central Spigot with the outside push button.  A good place to find spigots is also during the Red Wing Convention in July or Larry’s Jugs.  Love your cooler!    Al Kohlman


Hi i’m wondering what this jug might be worth?

Its in very good condition,without problems.

Thank-you William


Hi, William – Al deferred your question to me since I collect Canadian advertising.  There’s a lot going on with that jug!  The wing, advertising, RW oval, gallonage #, and “Imperial” stamp make it a fantastic piece.  Advertising of this nature can be hard to give an accurate estimate on because it’s not something you regularly see.  That being said, I’d say a strong retail value on this piece would be $1000-$1300 if mint and not restored.  But you never know – get a couple of Portage La Prairie enthusiasts and/or two hardcore Canadian advertising stoneware collectors into a room, and it could bring more at auction.  Thanks for sharing your photos, and congrats on acquiring this great piece!

Rick Natynski

Editor, Red Wing Collectors Society Newsletter

Red Wing Gray-Line (also called sponge band) beater jar


I recently bought this sponge bowl and it is marked on the bottom with a blue block letter “M” and I would like to know any information about it or if it is Red Wing and the value of this piece. It is about 5.5″ tall and about 5.5″ in diameter (give or take). There are no chips or cracks and is in perfect condition.

Thank You Kyle


Kyle, you have a Red Wing Gray-Line (also called sponge band) beater jar.  These were use to beat eggs, cream, butter etc.  In mint condition the value is between $175 & $225.  Al Kohlman

Bohemian Rye jug from South Dakota


My friend has a Red Wing Stoneware jug. I have attached pictures.  I have been combing the internet to find anything like and cannot.  Could you please give us information and value on it.  Thank you Stacy


Stacy, this Bohemian Rye jug from South Dakota is a tough find.  Value today would be $900 to $1000 to the right collector.  Al Kohlman

Bottom Marked Butter Crock


I recently saw this piece at a antique shop wasn’t sure what its worth or the proper name for it. Could you tell me a little more about this piece from the pictures I attached? There is a couple stickers on the front that are not part of the crock there just price sticker.
The bottom of the crock is stamped Redwing usa.
Any information  what its called and the value would be a helpful.

Thank you, Jim


Jim, you have a bottom signed Red Wing butter crock.  These crocks were used to store butter either from the churn or store.  In perfect condition the value is around $40 give or take $5 either way. Al Kohlman

2 gallon Red Wing transition target marked crock



I purchased this 2 gallon zinc crock with a Target design. Is it Red Wing and what could I sell it for? Small inside rim separation and small chip on bottom rim. No cracks or hairlines. Thanks!



Allen, your 2 gallon Red Wing transition target marked crock has a value between $250 & $300. Al Kohlman

4 gallon salt glazed crock with drop 8 with quotations.


I hope you can give me some information on the maker and time of these two crocks. Thank You In Advance, Ron


Ron the 4 gallon salt glazed crock on the right is a Red Wing drop 8 with quotations.  It was produced between 1877 & 1895.  Value is between $200 & $250 if in perfect condtion.  The 4 galloon salt glazed crock on the left would be called a lazy 8 target.  It is not Red Wing.  Not being Red Wing, I just have no idea of value or history. Al Kohlman

6 gallon dobule birch salt glaze crock


Could you please tell me the value of this croc? It has a very small chip on the handle and a small chip on the inner ring. Thanks so much, Mari


Mari, double leaves on the smaller Red Wing salt glazed crocks are a tough find.  With the minimal chips you described the value to the right collector would be anywhere from $750 to $900 or so.  Nice piece.  Al Kohlman

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