20# transition butter crock


Hi, here’s my stoneware – I believe its a 20lb butter crock.

It has no cracks at all – there is a small chip just inside the top rim (picture attached).

The only markings on it are the “20” and “#” – in very nice condition, and there is nothing on the bottom.

It came with the lid that you see in the picture – I was told this is the ‘original lid’.

On the inner most circle of the lid – I guess the actual handle – there is what looks like a very faint “3” stamped in the pottery.

The lid is slightly different colour, the outer size is the same as the crock, but the inner part isn’t, so there is a wee bit of sliding.

My questions are:

value and age?

did butter crocks come with lids, or is this lid really from something else?

and a silly question – it being a butter crock, can I use it for fermenting kraut (as there are no cracks in it?)  It holds water fine.

Thank you SO much!



Sue, You have a nice Red Wing transition butter crock. The lid is not Red Wing  and they were used without the lid. It is fine to use for soaking about anything you want. I would buy a nice  3 gallon crock and use it. I put the vale around $700. Thanks Cliff

A.J. RUSTAD JUG., broken handle



I have a small jug that I found in the red River in North Fargo. I am not sure if you do appraisals or if you charge for them. The handle has been broken off.

Thank you,



Adam, Your jug even with broken handle can bring about $150-$200. Nice find! Cliff Olson

Red Wing grey line “Cookies” casserole with lid


I am interested in selling a Red Wing grey line “Cookies” casserole with lid.  It is in excellent condition.  Is a $1200 asking price consistent with today’s values?  I also have several grey line casseroles with lids, bowls, a butter pail and few commemoratives for sale.  What are your recommendation regarding advertising them and shipping and handling?

My zip code is in Virginia.




Maureen  , The value on Sponge band  items have taken a hit with the economy.  a mint cookie jar may bring $500 nowadays .

If you need to sell them I would use eBay only because your being a long way from any other collectors.

If you can’t  ship you can take to a ship and pack business or even a eBay reseller and they do all the work . Cliff

Cactus Casserole


I have seen this stoneware pattern at the Summer conference. What is this pattern called and value of a quart casserole.





Chuck, They call this a cactus casserole, value about $30.

Clifford Olson

6 gallon Daisy front stamped cooler and 40 gallon lid


What is a 40 gallon lid and 6 gallon daisy water cooler worth?

Thanks again for your time.

Best regards



Cheryl, A mint condition salt glaze 6 gallon Daisy front stamped cooler in today’s market is around  $7500 .  A 40 gallon bailed handled lid in mint condition could bring $400-$500.


Clifford Olson

10 gallon elephant ear and 3 gallon rib cage crocks


I am hoping to learn a bit about the history, age and value of these 2 crocks, both in perfect condition, no cracks or chips.

Thanks! Lisa


Lisa, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company 3 gallon double rib cage crock.   It was produced between 1883 to 1895 or so.   Unsigned and in perfect condition, the value is around $200-$250.

The 10 gallon Elephant Ear crock  was produced between 1895 & 1906.  In perfect condition the value is around $500.

Clifford Olson

3 gallon crock with a black ski oval with birch leaves


Hi I was wondering if you could help out with this red wing crock I have. I was wanting to know the value of it. I’m not sure on the glaze, but it does have a chip out of it in the back. How ever it is not cracked anywhere else and the chip does not go clear through. The measurements on the crock is  Height is 10 1/2 inches and the Width is 10 inches. Any information would be great on this piece I really don’t know a whole lots on it.

Thank You




Kristen, Your 3 gallon crock with a black ski oval with birch leaves is a harder one to find. Even with the chip in back I would say still a $125 crock.

Clifford Olson

4 gallon Red Wing Churn with lid and dasher


I have this Red Wing 4 gallon butter churn and was wondering of the age and worth ?

It is in very good condition, no cracks or chips.




Craig, A nice looking and clean 4 gallon Red Wing churn complete with lid  can be around $300  Sharper the sheen of the glaze with a clear and dark wing, oval and number, then higher the value.  This has a big oval that dates it around 1912. I do see a line right in front that devalues your churn to around $150 with lid.


Clifford Olson

Red Wing Ink Well


This was in our mother’s items.  She was an avid collector, along with our dad. This was the last piece she kept.  It has a Red Wing on the back. We are looking for any information on it along with approximate value.  Thank you Patricia


Patricia, This is a inkwell , value around $450 in mint condition.


Brittany serving items


I am sending you photos of the 4 pieces of Red Wing for you to forward to the dinnerware experts for identification and value estimation.  I only know these are the Brittany pattern.

The large serving platter measures 12 inches.  The “shallow” serving dish measures approx 11-3/4 to 12 inches.  The smaller serving dish measure approx 9 inches.  The creamer is 4 inches tall.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.  Happy New Year!



Here are the official names and approximate values of the Brittany items in the photos.  All values assume excellent condition with no damage.  Any damage (chips, flakes, cracks, hairlines, stains, etc.) will reduce the value significantly, usually by 25 to 75% depending on the extent and visibility.

12” Chop Plate  $25

Creamer  $15

Buffet Bowl  $25

Nappy (vegetable bowl) $20

Larry R

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