Red Wing Beater Jar

I have inherited a Red Wing Beater Jar from my mother. It is about 6 inches tall. My question is, It has a pale blue lid with it which looks like it is made out of the same material. The fit is rather loose and I am wondering if it is original to the piece. The lid is not raised or domed but rather flat. Thank you Diane
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8 gallon birch leaf crock, Minnesota Stoneware

I found this crock in my mother’s storage. I tried to look its value up online but not sure I know what I’m doing. Hope you can tell me alittle about this piece. See photos attached. Looks to be in excellant condition. No chips, cracks, etc. Measures 14" across top and stands 15" Tall. Elephant Ears on side. Number 8 with two Leaves and Underneath Leaves shows Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing Minn. Thanks for your help. Bonnie
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Random Harvest collection

I have my grandmother’s dinner collection. Below is an inventory of the pieces. I have noted if it was makred with a red wing stamp or black series stamp. All pieces are in mint conditon besides the 3 noted below.
12 coffee saucers (4 black stamped
6 red wing stamped, 1 faded or blank)
8 coffee cups
9 salad plates (3 black stamp, 6 red wing stamp)
8 dessert bowls (5 red wing stamp, 3 black stamp)
1 large salad bowl-1 small chip on rim (red wing stamp)
4 serving platters (1 red wing stamp, 1 black, 2 no stamp)
8 salad bowls (4 red stamp, 4 black)
12 dessert plates (4 red wing stamp, 8 black)
1 salt and 1 pepper shaker- one small chip on pepper coffee carfee
1 sugar bowl and 1 creamer pitcher

Please let me know more more about this pattern and the values. Thanks Karen

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Red WIng 412 vase

Hello, I came across this Red Wing Vase but I haven’t been able to find out much about it from my internet searches. I was hoping you would be able to help me with an approximate date and value. It’s 9 1/2" tall by 6 3/4" across from point to point. It tapers slightly and the base measures 5 1/4" from point to point. It’s signed Red Wing USA 412 on the bottom. The exterior is glazed pale blue and the interior is a coral. The gold foil sicker is still attached (see picture) and it’s in PERFECT condition. Many thanks, Melanie

Answer: Hi Melanie

this piece dates to around 1952, the glaze is luster grey/coral lined. always nice to have the sticker, value is around 25.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose

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Red Wing Planter 919, decorator line

Hi I have a planter? I believe, One white one orange with the # 919 on the bottom Its about 14 inches at its widest point, about 9 inches tall & 9 inches at the opening. It says redwing usa 919 on bottom. Thanks, george

Answer: Hi George

it is a planter, from about 1965. It’s from the decorator planter line, there were several shapes that could be interchanged with other bases. Value is around 60.00 or so., thanks, steve n rose

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