Provinical Bakeware 137, 5 quart casserole

I purchased this pot at goodwill, and I found a description online, and I am wondering if you can send me some more information about the history of the piece. Also is it safe to use for cooking- not that I plan to but would just like to know. Large Red Wing Pot with Handle and Spout. Large kitchenware pot with orange glaze on the interior of pot and a wonderfully earthy color tone on the exterior of the deep pot. Features two handles for lifting. The mark on the bottom of the deep pot is Red Wing U.S.A. 137. There is a 0.25" chip on the spout. There are several dirt spots where the exterior has been rubbed and the bottom has normal scratches from wear. Light scratches on the bottom of deep pot from normal use. Please see photographs for further details. I found a pick on and attached it Thanks in advance Benita
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Provinical Ware bean pot

I found this at my food pantry when I was getting food. I brought it home because I thought it was really cute. Then I saw something about the name Red Wing, and found this site. I am wondering if it is real, and how old it is. Thanks Andrea
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Concord Pattern, Blossom Time (1941) dinner ware

My 92 year old mother has a complete set (minus one saucer) of the Red Wing Concord Pattern, Blossom Time (1941) dinner ware. It is a service for 8 with a double serving dish. She is interested in selling it. Can you give me any suggestions about how to do this? Thank you, Mary Kelley
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Lexington pattern

My 84 y/o Mother wants to downsize and was going to donate her set of china to the worn-a-bit sale at her Church. I noticed it’s the Red Wing Pottery 1941 Lexington pattern. It’s a full set for 8 with meat platter, serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl wi cover, and gravy boat. If you could give me an estimate of it’s worth, maybe I can convince her not to "Give" it away. Thank you so much, Debbie Johnson
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Bob White Dinnerware collection

I inherited my mother’s set of "Bob White" dinnerware by Red Wing. I have it boxed up and wrapped but know it is at least a set of 8 dinner,salad,bread,sauce& cereal dishes,coffee cup&saucer along with serving pieces, pitchers, bread trays,butter dish divided vegetable, lg platter, and additional unique pieces to the set. Where would I find it’s value and an interested buyer? Sincerely, Linda
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Lute Song Dinnerware – Complete set

Hello…I have a complete set of Red Wing’s Lute in excellent, unused condition. I was wondering how much you would suggest my set is worth on the retail market today. I have listed what I have below. Thanks so much! -Ophelia

8 dinner plates
8 salad plates
8 bread & butter plates
8 13" oval plates
8 fruit bowls
8 soup bowls
8 pasta bowls
8 cups & saucers
salt & pepper
teapot coffee pot
gray boat divided
serving dish
15" platter
giant salad bowl
sugar & creamer
6 part relish tray
butter dish
ash tray
lidded casserole
15" french bread tray

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Red Wing Egg Tray

I have found two Red Wing pottery pieces and am curious of their values. A glazed painter’s palette – on small chip on the bottom. Says RED WING U.S.A on bottom- pictures attached. Mandy
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