Orleans pieces: candle holders, pitcher and casserole

The following Orleans pieces were donated to our non-profit store and we’d appreciated an estimate of their current value. All are in excellent condition except one candlestick holder has two small chips on its top rim. Thank you. – Teapot with lid, creamer, sugar bowl with lid, 9" tall pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, casserole with cover, pair of candlestick holders (7" wide, 4" tall, one has two chips in top rim). Alison
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Brittany: lead, food safe, and value

I have some items that are the Brittany pattern. I have a 12" Chop Plate (Round Platter), Creamer, Round Vegetable Bowl, 1 Quart Round Covered Casserole (with lid), 1 Quart Round Covered Casserole (no lid). One casserole has crazed glaze. I have three questions:

1. Do they have lead?
2. Are they safe to use for food?
3. What is their approximate value?

Thank you. Carol

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Fondoso Straight Side Pitcher. powder blue

I am curious wether or not this is an authentic piece of Red Wing pottery and what collection it belongs to? The pitcher is light blue in color and a creamy/white inside. It measures 7 inches high and has a span of 7 in. including the handle. I feel it is in great condition. The leafy stirped pattern is on both sides of the pitcher. On the bottom of the pitcher it states a letter c in a circle followed by Red Wing Potteries Inc. Thank you for any information you might be able to provide. Amy
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Red Wing chocolate brown cups and saucers

I recently purchased a set of chocolate brown cups and saucers with a medium sized coffee pitcher. The cups are all small, handle-less, and have ridges all around.The pitcher has a lid. Redwing usa is printed on the bottom of the pitcher.Thank you for your input Emily
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Quartette beverage server and Red Wing USA 415 dish

I would like to know date, design, name of red color and value of this matching Red Wing coffee server and scalloped dish. Dish is marked ‘Red Wing USA 415′ Coffee server lid has tiny chip under edge (not visible when lid is on) and hairline crack as a result; ‘tab-like’ handle on lid was broken off mid-way and re-glued slightly off-center (ugh!). Condition is excellent otherwise. Would like to sell both. Looks like ‘Lotus’ coffee servers I’ve seen in other colors, shown without the dish. Thank you! Kathy
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Bob White place settings in box

I have 8 Bob White place settings (four pieces) – never used, in the original boxes from 1955. . . . one set of plates has the number 142 on the back. How much would these sell for? and to whom?

I have the 2 original boxes (in great condition) that are marked Red Wing Pottery – they each hold 4 place settings that have never been used.
These were my parents dishes and in addition to the 2 boxes, -I have the following unboxed-
8 full place settings,
oval divided veggie dish
gravy boat & lid
covered butter dish
small pitcher
ovesized pitcher w/ lid
oversized salt & pepper
oval serving platter
sugar bowl and lid
4 qt covered casserole
salad serving bowl
All are in excellent condition.

Thanks Laure


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Bob White Cooler, Tampico trivet, plate and cake stand, and egg tray

I Have a BobWhite Water Cooler w/ spout with a soft green colored lid, excellent condition. I do not have the base. I was wondering about the difference with the coloring of the lid and its value. I also have a Redwing Birch Canoe in excellent condition. I also have a Tapico Trivet and Dinner Plate. I have a Redwing Eggplate for a dozen eggs. I have attached some pictures.Jana
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