Concord Fruit Dinnerware

A relative recently came across a box of RW Concord Fruit Dinnerware. She has 12 Supper Trays (or at least I think that is what they are with the divisions and place for cup) as well as 13 of the matching cups. She also has two matching plates or platters. Any ideas on the value of her "find"? Would it be best to post on a RW website for sale? Or is Ebay a good place to sell them? Should the set be maintained or sold as individual pieces? Sorry, no pictures as of yet…will try to obtain them when I see her next. Thanks! Amy

Photos or a more thorough description of your Fruit items would
help. The supper trays were made in two sizes: 10.5"inch square
shape and 12" x 9.5" oblong. The square shape is more common than
the oblong. There are also two cup sizes: the standard tea cup which
is only a couple of inches high or the much deeper and quite rare
coffee cup which is nearly 4 inches high. The value of one square
tray and tea cup set would be around $25. Add another $10 if the
tray is oblong, and double the value if the cup is a coffee cup.

As for selling, you’ll probably not find a buyer willing to pay top
dollar for all 12 sets. I’d sell them one or two sets at a time;
perhaps with an option for the buyer to purchase additional sets at
the same price. The RWCS website currently does not display ads to
buy or sell, but another Red Wing site (Wing Tips) does allow the
public to post ads. Such an ad or eBay would probably be your best
bet for obtaining the best price, but in selling there are no
guarantees with any method. Much depends on whether you expect to
achieve top dollar and are willing to expend some effort, or if you
are willing to accept less but sell it all at once to a single buyer.


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True China

I recently inherited a True China,from 1960,two tier serving tray. I was interesting if you knew any history behind it and its value.
Thank-you, Lisa Johnson

Lisa, A photo or more thorough description of your tiered tray would help.
True China is a Red Wing dinnerware line (or shape) that was made in
8 different patterns. The tiered trays were made from various sizes
of plates and bowls. Without more information I really don’t know
what you have.

While tiered trays are listed in at least one Red Wing sales
brochure, they were primarily made to be sold at the Red Wing Pottery
Salesroom. This was a company-owned store where Red Wing
sold surplus and second quality items. Workers drilled a hole in
the center of a piece, and the store staff assembled them into tiered
trays. The type of trays made depended on the surplus pieces that
were sent to the store.

While some people appreciate the tiered trays, most collectors
consider these to be damaged pieces due to the drilled holes. Value
is generally low, in the $10 to $25 range depending on the pieces and
dinnerware pattern involved.

Thanks, Larry

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Mystery Plate

I am trying to determine value of inherited Red Wing dinnerware. square plates, dark grey/black bottom, face is ivory with red/green. Can you help? Thanks Pam

Pam, From your description I cannot identify your plates. A photo would
certainly help. Are these plates marked Red Wing? Your description
of the square shape and the color scheme does not fit any Red Wing
pattern. Thanks Larry

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Random Harvest

My mother has an extensive set of Random Harvest pieces – all mint condition except one broken cup. I’d like to get a current price list for the pieces. Thanks Ruth

Sorry we have no information handy. Sorry

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Lexington Plate

Question: {mosimage}
My mom found these plates in the basement of her house and is trying to get rid of them. I think she has ten or so of them. She may even have some cups that match. The bottom of the plate says "Red Wing Pottery Hand Painted". We were just curious how much they may be worth. The majority of them are in excellent condition with no chips. The plates measure 10 3/8" square. Any ideas about the history and price that these may be worth to the right person?
Thanks Shawna

Shawna, The name of the pattern is Lexington. The Lexington pattern was introduced in 1941 and discontinued in 1955. It was a good seller for many years. Because Lexington sold well and was produced for many years, your plates are rather easy to find and thus don’t have a lot of value. The plate in your photo has crazing (fine stress lines), a couple of minor hairlines and staining which all reduce the value considerably for a common piece. This plate would be worth $5 to $10. In excellent condition the value would be $15 to $20. Thanks, Larry

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Friar Tuck Cookie Jar 1941

I a redwing cookie jar that belonged to my grandmother. It is a blue monk in his robe holding up two fingers and with a banner that says "Thou Shall Not Steal". Can you tell me when this was made and the approximate value? Thanks Pam

Pam, The "Friar Tuck" cookie jar was introduced by Red Wing in 1941, along with his friends Katrina the Dutch girl and Pierre the Chef. Price lists from 1942, 1943 and 1944 show them as being available in blue, yellow, and tan colors. An undated brochure, probably from the mid to late 1940s adds green as an available color. These three cookie jars were great sellers for Red Wing. Many thousands of them were made and production continued into the mid 1950s.

While these cookie jars are not at all rare, jars in excellent condition are not easy to find in any color. After years of use (often by the small hands of children more interested in the contents than the jar), these jars are usually chipped or cracked and have grease stains. A Friar Tuck cookie jar in excellent condition would be worth around $100 to $125 in the yellow or tan colors, with another $25 to $50 for blue. Green would be worth more because the color is less common.


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Teapot – not redwing

Question: {mosimage}
I have exhausted all of my resources in identifying these two pieces. I feel they are redwing but can’t find them in my books. The blue try has three clay stilt marks and a fully glazed bottom. The teapot has a dry foot but is fully glazed other than that. Thanks for any help. Thanks Gavin

Gavin, The teapot is definitely not Red Wing. Sorry but I do not know who
made it. The blue tray may be a Red Wing art pottery item, but
usually these are marked Red Wing along with the shape number on the
bottom. If there are no marks, it probably is not Red Wing. Larry

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Unmarked Red Wing Stoneware

Hi I was told there was a period of time when red wing did not have a stamp on the product is that correct? I bought a cookie jar and was told there was no stamp on it? thanks Lisa

Lisa, Unmarked Red Wing pieces were made throughout the company’s existence, from the earliest stoneware in the 1870s to the final dinnerware production in 1967. Yes, there are definitely unmarked cookie jars that were made by Red Wing. And of course there are plenty of unmarked cookie jars that were made by other companies too. Larry

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Black Leave Dinner Service

Hi. I have a vase that I was always told was "worth a fortune" and it is embossed with Red Wing on the bottom. It is quite

I also have a full set, service of 8, dinnerware with a black leaf painted on it. The cups are square shape and black with an off white center.

Any idea of how much these things might be worth?

Thanks Claudia

Need more information. Vase discription or a number from the bottom
of the vase. Thanks Jeff and Sue

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Question: {mosimage}
We bought some Red Wing Bob White dishes over 10 years ago & this small teapot was included. It has no marking on the bottom. The glaze is identical to the pattern. It is about 4" tall & almost 13" around. But as you can see is void of decoration. Could you please tell me if it belongs to this group & a value? The piece is in great condition. Thanks for your time & help. Pat

Pat, Only the top half of your teapot photo came through, so I can’t view the bottom portion of the teapot. I am not familiar with this teapot, and don’t think it was made by Red Wing. The glaze certainly resembles Red Wing’s beige fleck glaze but the specks don’t seem look right — they are too broad. This the teapot isn’t part of the Bob White pattern, nor is it from any other Red Wing dinnerware pattern. While it certainly has the Red Wing look, I don’t believe this teapot was made by Red Wing. Thanks, Larry

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