6 gallon and 12 gallon Red Wing crocks

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I just got these two pieces. I’m just wondering the value on them. The #6 doesn’t have any flaws on it besides rust on the handles. The #12 is great except the two handles have been broken off. Would you mind giving me your estimate? Also, I’m thinking of buying a 12 gallon crock that just has the 12 on it. I’m not sure if it is marked on the bottom, however it doesn’t have the red wing stamp on it. Should I look on the bottom for a mark if its not on the crock itself? Is the value lower on the #12 with no wing on it? I don’t have a picture of it but I can’t find any info on red wing crocks without the red wing stamp on it as far as value. I would assume that collectors look for that.

Thanks so much for your help!



Maelea, your 6 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition has a value between $90 & $100.  The 12 gallon which has the handles broken  off would have a value around $50 at best.  The handles broken off really affects its value.  Now the 12 gallon crock with just the number 12 on it will most likely not be bottom signed.   If the 12 has an oval and no red wing, then the value could be in the $200 range.  If it is just the 12, the value will drop to maybe $75 or so.  Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman