Red Wing 949, Elephant handle 374 and M 1512

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These came from my parents home.  the 6.5 inch pink has 2 chips, marked red wing 949; the green is crazed, elephants handles, stamped in blue ink red wing pottery in circular but no number , about 6 inches tall, no chips;  the blue is 4.5 inches, imprinted red wing 374 no chips; the last is 4 inches, 2 cracks, marked M1512.

A friend suggested the green could be rumrill?  IT is high gloss.

Dating ?  Value?


the 949 with the chips is worth around 10.00 or so, it dates to the 1940’s.  the green elephant vase is redwing, from around 1930.  the crazing is normal, value around 80.00 or so.  the other two, from around the 40’s timeframe, with a value around 25.00 each.  thanks, steve n rose