Beigh Fleck Chop plate, Bob White trivet and tumbler

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My mother recently gave me her set of Red Wing Bob White. I’ve been able to research most of the items myself, but have questions on a few pieces. I have attached pictures.


First is what she called a fish tray. It does not have the Bob White decoration but does have the coloration of the pattern and says Red Wing on the bottom. Is it Bob White and what would be a value?


Next is a tumbler. She had two of these…one for each of us boys. It’s obviously a second….the picture will show the flaw. Otherwise they’re in excellent condition. Value with the flaw please.


And finally a Bob White trivet in excellent condition. Value please.


Thanks for your help.




The platter (fish tray) is not Bob White. It is one of numerous Red Wing items produced with the popular Beige Fleck glaze and no other decoration. These items were intended to be used with any pattern, especially those with the Beige Fleck background color (such as Bob White). Value for the platter is $20-25 in mint condition.

The Bob White trivet is difficult to find and was made for only two years (1958-1959). Value is $150 to $200 in mint condition.

Bob White tumblers are also difficult to find and were made for a limited time beginning in the early 1960s. Value in mint condition is $60-75. The flaw shown on the tumbler will reduce the value by approximately 50%.