15 gallon Red Wing crock

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I was given a crock that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It is a #15 Red Wing with a lid and spigot. The lid has a design somewhat like a flower on top and a wooden handle in the center. There are no cracks or spider veins in the crock itself however the lid has a crack on the under side that is not visible on the top. The number is very visible and the red wing and blue label are visible although somewhat faded. You can read the blue label. I believe it is about 80 years old. I would like to know the approximate value. I also was given a churn that stands 18 inches tall with a blue # 6 on it. It has a long wooden churn handle that goes down through the center of the lid. The churn has handles molded into it. It does not appear to have any other writing on it but is similar to the coloring of the Red Wing crock. The churn has no cracks or spider veins on it. Would also like to know its approximate value. Thank you for your time and information, Terry


Terry, your 15 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1915 & 1930.  Now, condition and appearance is what determines value.  Collector are looking for perfect pieces with nice clear, and dark decorations.  If your decorations are light in color, then this will affect value.   With the description you gave me, I would place the 15 gallon crock (only) between $100 & $150.  Now the lid with the crack underneath, would be valued around $100 by itself.

The 6 gallon churn with just the number 6 and molded handles just does not sound like a Red Wing piece to me.  Without a photo, I just have no idea of maker, history or value.   Al Kohlman