5 gallon Red Wing Water Cooler

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I have a 5 gallon Redwing water cooler. On the front there is "5" in blue; under that there is the words "Water Cooler" in blue with blue detailing above and below them. In the middle there is the Redwing symbol in red and under that there is an oval with the words "Hudson Stoneware Co. Red Wing, Minn". The crock has three blue lines on the body; two at the top and one at the bottom. The lid has one blue line around the handle; a petal design and a wider tan line towards the edge with another thin blue line right at the edge. The lid is broken but could be repaired. The spout is intact and does work, it has the original porcelain push button but it is brass and has turned green. The crock was orginally in the train depot of the small town I grew up in and then in the school in that town. I remember it being on a stand. I have a number of questions: 1. What can you tell me about it, when was it made, how can I tell what kind of glaze it on it etc. 2. Where can I find a lid and stand for it? 3. If I cannot find a lid, what type of glue can I use to repair the original one? 4. Should I clean up the spout or leave it alone and what should I use to clean it? 5. It would be nice to know an estimate of worth, however I do not intend to sell it. Thank you for any information you can give me. Anita Olson


Answer: Anita, you are not asking for answers, but a short story. So, lets begin. Anita, first of all the oval would read "Red Wing Stoneware Company, Red Wing Minn) and not "Hudson Stoneware Company". So this tells me that the Red Wing oval must be smugged a little. 1. When the cooler was made will depend on the size of the red wing. If the Red Wing is 2 7/8" long from the longest points, then the age is between 1930 & 1947. If the wing is 4 1/2" long, 1920 to 1930. 2. you can find a lid by advertising in the Red Wing Newsletter or maybe eBay. They will run around $350 for a perfect bar handle lid. 3, if you cannot find a perfect lid, I would glue it together with liquid super glue. 4. yes, by all means, clean that spigot. A good chrome polish works well. 5. value, if the spigot cleans up well it has a value of $50. The cooler in perfect shape around $500. The lid broken little to no value $25 or so. Well I hope this helps. Enjoy the cooler. Complete with original lid and spigot, they are quite striking. Al Kohlman