Red Wing plates Picardy or Brittany

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I have some Red Wing Handpainted dinnerware pieces. I am looking to declutter our home and wanted to know the worth of the dishes. It is Red Wing Handpainted USA 234. It has a yellow border around the rim with a thin blue line heading toward the center. It has small blue flowers and larger yellow flowers on the basis of the dish. I cannot tell what kind of flowers they are. There are 5 large dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 6 saucers, 3 small dessert bowls and 1 large serving bowl. The condition is poor, chips and cracks on almost all the pieces. Chris

Answer: Sorry but I am unable to make a positive identification of your pattern. Your description would fit either Picardy or Brittany. The 234 code is a stock or production code number and does not identify the pattern. These patterns are no better than average when it comes to collector value. Your dishes in poor condition with chip and cracks would have little value.


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