15 gallon crock with float

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Greetings. I hope you can help me identify a Red Wing crock from my grandfather’s drug store. It is a 15 gallon crock, a cover with a wooden handle, a spigot at the bottom and what appears to be an intake near the top. Inside, there is a float device. It has a gray glaze, marked "15" in blue, a 3 1/2" red wing, and an oval imprint with Red Wing, Union Stoneware Co, Red Wing, Minn Thank you for your help in identifying this piece of my family’s history. Kim Ferrell


Answer: Kim, your grandfather’s 15 gallon Red Wing crock was manufactured between 1915 and 1930. These crocks with the spigot on the bottom and another on the top side was produced for dairies and chemical companies. With the float on the inside, I will bet it was used to catch distilled water. As the crock filled up the float began to lift. When the float was set to it’s fullest height (to prevent the water from over flowing) it would shut off the valve or plug the tube or hose that was used to fill the crocki. The lower spigot hole would have a spigot inserted into it, so the seller could then open the spigot to dispense it’s content into another vessel. I also see you have the lid for this piece. The lid has a value between $200 & $250 & your crock $225 to $250. This value is for mint pieces. Al Kohlman