4 Gallon Red Wing Crock

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I have a chance to buy a Red Wing 4 gallon pot. It has a big "4" on it and the red wing logo. Cream glaze color. No cracks or chips. What do you think it’s worth – I had heard that the 4 gallon is more rare? Thank you Alisa


Answer: Lisa, a 4 gallon Red Wing crock is not more rare. A 4 gallon Red Wing jug is a tougher jug to find than the 3 or 5 gallon Red Wing jug. When someone needed a large jug, they usually asked for a 5 gallon jug. If the store was out of 5 gallon jugs, they were asked if a 4 gallon would do. The same would have happened if they wanted the smaller of the three jugs and where told they were all out of 3’s would a 4 gallon work for them. With crocks, there were many more gallon sizes to choose from, and therefore you could usually find the size that would meet your needs. Therefore I am sure the person who mention the 4 being more rare was referring to the Red Wing jugs and not the crocks. A 4 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition would carry a value between $60 & $90. Al Kohlman