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Hello! It’s Sam the 10 year Old Red Wing Collector Again!!! I have a question about A Bean Pot I purchesed in Rochester, MN for a $1. It is a Red Wing Advertising Beanpot with advertising as follows: Banner Oil Company, SUPER-SEVICE STATION, 6TH and MAIN, BROOKINGS, – S. DAK. GOODYEAR TIRES. It is all in bright blue, the first and last lines a bit darker than the rest. It is in very good condition, with the original lid.There are some glaze bubles and glaze pops in the brown area, One very small and minor chip on the back (not facing the advertising)and some glaze skips near the sets of 3 impreneted lines on the bottom.There is a small chip on the lid. I bought it for a Dollar because there was a decal over the advertising and I couldn’t see it then. But when I got it to my Grandma’s house, I saw Blue under the decal. We got it off though,with no hurt to the Bean Pot. The lady who we got it from had got it when she and her husband bought a casino/resort in Northern MN, It was there. She liked the beanpot but hated the advertising. This was the bean pot that was in the Dec. 06 RWCS Newsletter under Deals and Finds. I have gotten a appraisal from the owner/operator of the Old Rooster Antique Mall in Rochester of $250-$300. Is it worth this? In the books I have looked at they say $125-$150. I really like your responce to my question about my jug. I would have never guessed! Have a nice day! Sam the 10 year old Red Wing Collector P.S. There was a antique dealer right ahead of us at the Rummage Sale!! The great deal he missed! =)


Answer: Sam, who put the rabbit foot in your pocket? Advertising Red Wing bean pots (with the lid yet) for a $1 is like finding gold. I see the advertising has the name of the town and state. This is what collectors are looking for. When a collector can identify with a certain town in a state, the advertising piece will demand a higher price. Those advertising pieces without a town and state will usually fetch a lower price. Now the Antique owner is somewhat high on the value of your bean pot. This is mostly do to dealers of antiques not specializing in one area , but having some knowledge in all antiques. In mint condition, your Red Wing advertising bean could bring $125 to $150. Yours with the small amount of chips (but they are chips), I would place the value between $100 &$110. Either way, you have one heck of a find and should be tickled pink! Congratulations Al Kohlman