Happy are the Children cookie jar

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Can you give me any facts on the Happy are the Children cookie jar that is all white with a brown cover? When was it made and was it a premium given out by Pillsbury. If so, why was it given out? What would the value be on a perfect jar? Ban

Answer: Without a photo I am not sure what you have. I am not aware of any "Happy" jars with a white glaze and brown cover. The "Happy" cookie jar was available with a glaze fleck glaze. Some jars are not decorated, but on many of them the vines and flowers around the top and bottom of the jar are hand painted in shades of red, yellow, green and black. I’ve also seen this jar with fleck blue and fleck pink glazes. In all cases the color of the cover is the same as the jar.

The Happy jar is not a part of any dinnerware pattern; Red Wing sold it as a novelty or gift item. Supposedly this jar was initially available as a premium for the Pillsbury company but I have not seen documentation for that claim and have no information on the details of that promotion. The Happy jar was introduced in 1959 and continued in production until the Potteries closed in 1967. The value for a beige fleck Happy cookie jar in excellent condition and with the original cover is $40-60; without the original cover the value would be in the range of $15-25.