Ernest Sohn Beverage server

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I have a large green picture / tea pot with a lid it is aprox 11′ tall with the leaf design on the front and the same leaf design on the bottom it also says E.S. USA Is this Red Wind and if so what is the value it is in perfect condition. I also have a mall bowl with a handle or tab to hang it with that has the same design. Dianne

Answer: Yes, this beverage server was made by Red Wing for Ernest Sohn. Sohn was a well-known designer who contracted with various businesses to make products for his sales company. He specialized in serving pieces and buffet sets, not full dinnerware patterns. His dealings with Red Wing were not well documented, but at least two lines of dinnerware items were produced for Sohn. "Butter Mold" is the name of the line to which your beverage server belongs. It consisted of serving pieces such as pitchers, teapots, casseroles, bowls, platters, etc. The pieces had a ribbed effect in the glaze, similar to Village Green. Most Butter Mold pieces were dark brown, dark green, or yellow (uncommon). Each piece was marked with a design taken from a vintage butter mold. The design featured a fern and leaves enclosed by 5 rings, and included the letters " E.S. USA". Production years are uncertain but most likely fall between the late 1950s and early 1960s. An ad for Sohn’s Butter Mold line appeared in a February 1961 magazine. In perfect condition your beverage server is worth $75 to $100. The small tabbed bowl is part of a lazy susan set. A wrought iron stand with handle held five of these bowls. A metal ring fit down over the slot in the tab to hold the bowls in place. The bowls may also have been sold individually. Value for the bowl is $10 to $15.