Hamm’s Beer popcorn set

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I have a set of what I believe is a "popcorn set" made for Hamm’s Beer distributors in the 50-60’s. It consists of a large bowl, 4 small bowls, salt and pepper shakers and pitcher. Pieces have a northwoods scene with a deer, trees, lake etc. Can you tell me anything else about these pieces? Thanks! Kathy

Answer: Your description of this set is accurate. It is known as a "Popcorn Set" and was made by Red Wing exclusively for the Hamm’s Brewing Company in the late 1950s. The set includes a large 12" bowl, four smaller individual serving bowls, a set of salt & pepper shakers, and a 60oz pitcher. Thus the set you’ve described is complete. All pieces feature elements from the outdoor scene depicted on the large bowl. The shapes for these pieces were borrowed from the Casual dinnerware line; Bob White and Round Up are well-known patterns in the Casual shape. This popcorn set was not available for sale to the public and only a limited (though unknown) number of them were made. Hamm’s gave these popcorn sets as holiday gifts to their beer distributors and other "friends" of the brewery. A holiday card from Hamms dated 1957 is known to exist; it was found along with a boxed set in an attic. But the set may have been distributed by Hamms for more than the one year.

Today this set is highly prized by collectors of both Red Wing pottery and Hamm’s memorabilia. In excellent condition the full set should sell for around $2000.