Red Wing Lotus Dinnerware

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Good Day – My mother-in-law has a set of Red Wing Potter in the Locust design. The set is in EXCELLENT condition and contains the following pieces:

16 Salad Plates/Saucers
8 Dinner Plates
1 Platter 8 Bowls
1 Butter Dish
2 Serving Bowls
1 Gravy Boat
6 Cups

Can you please give me your estimate on the value? We are likely going to be selling it but wanted to do some research so we are knowledgable. Thank you Amber

Amber, your post does not include a photo so I can’t be sure, but the pattern in question is most likely Lotus. Lotus has squarish plates that feature a lotus flower in shades of brown, green and white.

Approximate values for Lotus pieces in excellent condition:

16 Salad Plates/Saucers: $5-10 each
8 Dinner Plates: $10-15 each
1 Platter: $20-30
8 Bowls: $5-30 each (depends on which of four different bowls)
1 Butter Dish $25-30
2 Serving Bowls $15-25 each if nappy or vegetable bowl
1 Gravy Boat $15-20
6 Cups $5-10 each