Red Wing 923, decorator planters

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I’ve got a large vase or planter that is shaped like an upside down hour glass. It is all white with no decorations. It is 9" high, 9" on the bottom and the largest part is about 18" across. The hole for the plant is 9" across also. I picked it up at a rummage sale around 20 yrs ago. It had a mate, but some one grabbed it before I got get them both. I’m interest in how old it is and if it is of any value. I’m not sure if I’m interested in selling it yet. The number on it is 923. Antique dealers claim they don’t know any thing about it. I’d send a picture, but I don’t know how to submit it. Thanks very much, Rene

Answer: Rene

it’s part of the Decorator Planters line of 1965, there are several shapes, some can be intermatched with other bases. Value is around 45.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose