Red Wing 2307, anniversary series bowl

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I have a very big plate 18" in diameter. The information I found about this plate: "To celebrate its 75th yers anniversary (in 1953) Red Wing came out with a new series w/shape number 2300.This line offerd in 2overlay glazes gray over burgundy and white over luster black. In 1954 another glaze was used on the 2300 series WHITE STIPPLING OVER A CHARCOIL BLACK BODY." My plate this shape body. There is no plate like this in a Red Wing book collectors catalogue. The bottom is square raised base with "RED WING USA # 2307.Plate is huge – 18" in diameter.I would like to know more about this plate. Regards, Svetlana

Answer: Hi Svetlana

There were 2 sizes of your bowl, a 14" and your larger one. the large size was discontinued in 1954. I am assuming it’s in one of the overlay glazes. It is part of the anniversary series. The large size is fairly uncommon. Value is around 250-300.00. hope this helps, thanks, steve n rose